Your Kitsap County, WA Marriage License: 4 Easy Steps to Get Married Legally in West Sound

If you are getting married in Kitsap County, Washington, here are four easy steps to help you get a marriage license and get married.

How to get a legal marriage license and get married in Kitsap County:

1) Take a trip to the Kitsap County Courthouse in West Sound: Grab your Sweetie and take a trip to the Kitsap County Courthouse on Division Street in Port Orchard, WA and visit the County Auditor’s Office. The office is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. M. At 5 p. M. And closed on Fridays. Both of you must apply for the license together, and if you cannot apply in person, you can call the Auditor’s office and begin the paperwork to obtain your marriage license by mail.

To apply for a marriage license, both of you must be at least 18 years old and have a current photo ID as proof of identification. If one of you is 17 years old, you must have a parent accompany you to court. Happily, no blood test or physical is required!

When you obtain your marriage license in Kitsap County, you must use it within 60 days in Kitsap County or in any city, town, or county within Washington State. Yes, that is correct! You can buy your marriage license in any county in Washington state, and your license is valid for up to 60 days in any county in the state. Oh, and don’t forget ~ there is a three day waiting period to use the marriage license from the date of your initial application.

So to recap: You have 60 days to use your marriage license. And once you have your license, you must wait 3 days for your waiting period to expire before you can get married.

2) Find a witness! Well, find two witnesses! Yes you must have two people over 18 years of age to witness your wedding ceremony and sign your legal documents.

3) Find someone to marry you: If you are getting married within a recognized religious institution, church, or organization, a person to marry you usually comes with the facility. If you are getting married outside of an established institution or organization, you will most likely need to find someone to marry you.

In Kitsap County, nondenominational wedding officiators and ministers are available to create and deliver your wedding ceremony. Start Google and search under “Kitsap County Wedding Clerk” or “Kitsap County Wedding Minister” and create a shortlist of candidates.

If you have time, arrange for coffee / tea with your prospects and make your best selection. Officers and ministers come in all shapes and sizes, so your job is to select someone whose personality and approach to putting together and delivering a ceremony resonates with you.

And if time is short, do it over the phone. Officiant fees vary widely and there is usually no fixed price range for services.

4) Get married and send your signed legal documentation: Once you are married, be sure to send your signed legal documentation to Kitsap County so your marriage can be officially and legally registered. Your Clerk or Minister will likely do this and if you send your signed documents by mail, allow 10-14 days for processing.

For your file and / or for all official name change pieces, you will need a certified copy of your marriage license once you register. Contact the Auditor’s office for a copy at 360.337.4935.

For more information on the marriage license, visit the Kitsap County Auditor on the web:

Happy wedding day!