You must have games for your Nintendo Wii

While the Wii may lack the graphical quality of some of the other consoles, its ease of play and fun factor put it right up there with the rest. One of the latest games to be released for this console is Monster Hunt tri. This is an RPG where you hunt monsters with mystical qualities. There is great personal satisfaction in tracking down and killing one of the biggest monsters. The online game is brilliant and the images are quite beautiful.

Mario is a longtime hero to all Nintendo fans. This little plumber has been with us for many years, but his popularity shows no signs of abating, especially with the number of starring roles he has in Wii games. New super Mario Brothers, Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy are 3 great sellers of this console. The game that introduced us to these lovable characters, Super Mario Bros, is now available to download so you can enjoy a great game with a touch of nostalgia.

One of the biggest gaming phenomena in recent years has been the Call of Duty series, or cod as it is widely known. These first-person shooter games have created massive sales around the world, and the Wii version lives up to the rest. Cod 4; Modern war; The SLR edition is enjoying great success, and for good reason. There are surprises at every turn, and online games are addictive and engaging.

A great game for the whole family is Lego Star Wars. This is a mix of all 6 Star Wars movies played by Lego men. Yes, that is correct; those little play people with removable heads and limbs that were part of our entire childhood. This is fun, attractive, and popular with all ages. Children love to see their inanimate games come to life and adults find it extremely addictive.

When the Wii launched, it came with a few games to work up an appetite. Two of them have become Wii classics. I am referring, of course, to Wii Sports and Zelda. Nintendo was praised for getting kids off their behinds to exercise while playing games. Wii Sports pioneered and is one of the most successful games ever released. Whether you want to play tennis, baseball, or bowling, the whole family can play together and have a good laugh. Zelda transported us to a world where mystery and fantasy became one. There have been several sequels, but many rate the original as the best.

All your favorite Nintendo characters past and present come together to fight in Super Smash Bros Brawl. Choose a character and fight against all others for supremacy, great fun for all ages and excellent multiplayer game. Last on our list is the soccer game FIFA 2010 World Cup – South Africa. Choose a team and take to the field to enjoy passionate matches while you live to lift the precious trophy.

Whether your favorite game is on this list or not, they are worth having in your game selection and a guarantee that you will never hear the dreaded words that bore me from your offspring.