Woman’s Pleasure – Sex Positions You Will Love

These are the positions where you can give the maximum pleasure to your woman. Pick one for yourself or just try each one for more fun!

o Although largely underestimated, the missionary The position is one of the best for your pleasures. Before scrolling down out of boredom, please wait! There are many things you need to remember when you are in this position for her to be ecstatic. Rub your muscles against your vagina as you push inside her. The missionary position is one of the best for your orgasm. If your muscles rub against her clit and you angle your penetration to the right, you can give her an orgasm that is out of this world.

or the puppy The style position can also be customized for your pleasures. Just remember to stimulate her clitoris CONTINUOUSLY. We know that you are probably petting him from time to time and trying out the position. The key is to continue until you reach orgasm. If she can balance herself, she can do it herself too!

o Manipulate the woman in top position for your pleasures. This is one of the positions that you will naturally enjoy, because you can control the level of pressure, penetration and pace on your own. Just remember to moisten the area that is rubbed against her clitoris. If it’s your pubic bone, rub it in with a little water-based lube. This will make it better for her. You can even make him try the opposite, with his face towards his feet. This place is especially good for G-spot stimulation.

o If you really want to go all the way, look for the squat down we have meat. It is impossible for her clitoris not to rub against you in this position. That’s all you have to make sure of, as she feasts herself to glory!

Try these positions for your wife’s pleasure and give her pleasures she has never experienced before!