Wii Fit: not as safe as you think!

Wii Fit is taking the nation by storm with its new brand of fun exercise games that keep you fit and entertained. But is everything as good as it seems? For those who get it wrong, Wii Fit brings with it injuries and falls, in addition to games. By being careful and keeping all the right things in mind, you can ensure that you continue to enjoy your Wii to its full potential without trying too hard or even hurting yourself. Here are some important things to keep in mind.

First of all, the timeless advice for anyone about to do any kind of exercise still applies to a Wii Fit: Warm up first! This sounds a bit obvious, of course, but you’d be surprised how many people will just jump into the more advanced or challenging games. This is especially common on Wii Fit because even though exercises are made to look like games, people think they don’t ‘count’ as real exercise, but they do. You need to start with a slow, easy effort and then increase the challenge and intensity over a period of at least 10 minutes, or you could end up with multiple muscles tense or pulled, and that doesn’t feel right.

Second, don’t get into the more challenging games for the first few times you try to use it, even if you’re warming up first. If you are out of shape, your body will need several periods of rest after exerting yourself before tackling the harder exercises. Again, because it is created as a game, people think that these basic factors do not apply, but they certainly do, and somehow they apply even more due to the nature of Wii Fit than despite it.

Lastly, and most importantly, avoid all kinds of extremely repetitive movements whenever you can. Do you really think that a sedentary TV addict can stand up and hit 1000 tennis balls, or do 1000 hula hoops and nothing will happen just because it’s a game? Think again! Repetitive motion injuries are one of the top emergency room situations these days. Always take a break after 20 minutes or so of doing the same movement over and over, or you could end up in an emergency room too.

There really is no reason for anything bad to happen while playing a Wii Fit, as long as you follow these simple safety guidelines. Before long, they’ll be second nature, just as the original Wii remote became second nature to point and use. And once you’ve gotten the hang of your new balance board in the right way, it’ll serve you well for fun and fitness for years to come.