Why You Should Have Regular Home Inspections

Have you considered doing a home inspection? A home inspection is not just for home buyers and sellers, it can also be an invaluable resource for those who already own their own homes. Most people don’t realize that they need to have a home inspection every five to ten years as part of a general maintenance plan. But a home inspector can help you more than you think.

For most of us, the two things we’ll spend the most money on in our lives are our cars and our houses. You would never drive the same car for 10 years or more without taking it to a mechanic for tune-up, right? Of course, you wouldn’t. Car maintenance should be done to ensure your vehicle continues to run as long and in the best possible way. You can also clean, wash and vacuum it from time to time to maintain resale value, if not for your own sense of cleanliness. So why should your home be any different?

A regular maintenance plan for your home should include a home inspection every few years. A home inspector can advise you on any repairs that need to be done before it becomes a major expense and discuss any safety issues you may not be aware of.

Home inspectors review all aspects of your home and provide you with an unbiased report of the findings. The report will show you anything that may be wrong with your home now, what it is preparing to need repairs, and will advise you on how to do the repairs. For example, a home inspector may notice a small stain on a wall and trace it back to a water leak. The leak may have been small enough that it only cost a couple of dollars to repair now, but it could have done a lot of damage before you found it on your own.

Home inspections can also alert you to any safety issues you may not be aware of. Worn gas lines and frayed electrical wiring often go unnoticed until a fire breaks out or people get sick and die. A home inspector examines electrical wires as well as gas and plumbing as part of a routine check and alerts you when a problem is found.

Engaging the services of a professional home inspector should be part of your regular home maintenance. A thorough and unbiased home inspection can pinpoint repair and safety issues before they become a serious problem and help you retain your home’s value and peace of mind.