Why is the tooth fairy late?

Santa Claus delivers gifts without fail every December 24, and the Easter bunny always arrives on time on Easter Eve, but the tooth fairy doesn’t always show up when the kids expect her. Why?

Well, for one thing, the poor fairy is overworked. He doesn’t travel the world just once a year, but must go out every night with hardly any vacations (replacements are very difficult to train). There are some nights when the list of children to visit is simply too much to handle and she must wait until the next night or even the next.

Another reason is that from time to time you will suffer an injury such as a broken wing. Happens! Sometimes an overly friendly pet will catch her or she might crash into a window she thought was open. Fortunately, it heals quickly, but it may take a little time before you can start your rounds again.

The disease in fairies is less common than in humans. They are immune to most of our diseases, but there is a particularly nasty virus called Fairy Flu that causes high fever and fatigue. When the tooth fairy has the fairy flu, there is no way she can fly to catch up with all the children with missing teeth.

She regrets having earned a reputation for being frivolous. She takes her job seriously and sincerely wants to make children happy with prompt service, but emergencies arise. She really apologizes if this has happened in your family and asks for your forgiveness.