Who owns a Facebook group or forum?

As more and more engagement occurs online and even “older folks” are joining Facebook in droves; the highest current growth in the giant of social networks corresponds to the groups of more than 55 years; we find more and more participation. Which, after all, is the goal of these portals. Let’s be honest, compromise is better than the old “I had a lovely dinner” Post.

I’ll start with Facebook groups, and I’m not mentioning companies that disguise the group as a marketing angle for their business because they can add as many people as they want (that’s a completely different discussion), I’m talking about legitimate groups. , created by people who generally target a community, sports, or hobbies and followed by like-minded people. I set up a bunch of Facebook Groups myself and continue to manage them. BUT, I never “censor” or remove any content. It is not my place. It is also not a place of administration. Facebook is the owner of the space, not the administrator.

I hear some strange troll complaints in these groups, well the same goes for business pages from time to time, and most of you know my take on removing posts from business page (in short, Never!), But delete posts in a group. it’s just rude. The admin doesn’t reserve the right to play internet police, that’s Facebook’s job. The Facebook group, by nature, is an OPEN forum for people to discuss and participate in whatever they choose. Well now I can hear some admins of these groups get angry, well guys, if the group is not the place for your content, you will soon be leaving as your activity will accomplish nothing. So if someone in a community group wants to try to sell an old bookshelf, well, that’s what it’s there for. It may not have been his intention at first, but that he called progress. If you, as an administrator, want to control the space, then pay for it or own it; Facebook is not that space, you are not paying a penny, you have no control. Their Facebooks’.

If you want a controlled environment, free from people advertising your bookshelves and vintage cars, start a forum on your website. Easy, you can control it as much as you want, after all, it’s yours. You manage the site, set the terms and conditions of the people who participate in it, and pay to be there. So you have the right to do whatever you want with that online space. After all, it is your site and users can decide if they want to be a part of it or not. Easy.

But just to reintegrate, the Facebook space is not owned by the user, nor is the content, so in short, do not censor Facebook posts, it is meant to be social media, not private media. And yes, some people abuse it to a great extent, but folks, that’s life. We have that in the offline world, so why not in the online world?

Simply put, if you don’t own it, you can’t control it.

And remember “sticks and stones”