Where can I find the cheapest buffet in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a city known for cheap food, especially when it comes to buffets. However, in the last ten years, casinos have increasingly raised the prices of their buffets, leaving people wondering where they can find the cheapest buffet in Las Vegas. This article will review three of the cheapest buffets in town, which are Arizona Charleys Boulder, Sam’s Town, and Palace Station. All three casinos offer these prices only if you are a member of their free player clubs.

The Arizona Charleys Boulder buffet prices are much lower than what you would find on the Las Vegas Strip. Prices range from 5.49 for breakfast to 9.99 for their nightly special buffet dinners, which include BBQ night on Tuesday and prime rib night on weekends. Their breakfast buffet is very good, especially for the price that offers made-to-order omelets, as well as fresh fruits and fresh donuts for dessert. Their specialty on prime rib nights on the weekends is one of the best prime rib buffets you can eat in Las Vegas.

The Firelight Buffet in Sam’s Town is just down the street from Arizona Charleys and offers one of the cheapest buffets during the week. Monday through Thursday, buffet prices range from $ 5.49 for breakfast to $ 9.99 for dinner. They have special nights on the weekends, but they are a bit pricey, from 12.99 for steak and rib nights to 16.99 for all you can eat seafood. One of the unique features of this buffet is that it includes handcrafted ice cream instead of the soft service that you will find even in the nicest buffets in town.

Palace Station’s Feast Buffet offers surprisingly low prices for being so close to the Sahara Avenue Strip. Prices for this buffet range from just $ 4.99 for breakfast to $ 8.99 for dinner. Their breakfast buffet is a good bargain with an omelette station and they will occasionally have a few lunch items like baked potatoes and chicken nuggets. Their dinner buffet doesn’t have as many options as some buffets in town, but they do offer freshly carved ham and turkey, as well as baked potatoes and a very good selection of desserts.

If you are looking for the cheapest buffets in Las Vegas, these three options are sure to leave you full and satisfied. While these buffets are some of the cheapest you can find, it is sometimes worth paying the extra cost to go to one of the largest buffets on the Strip.