When to use self-referential pronouns in academic writing

Due to its emphasis on objectivity, it is always good practice to avoid using first-person pronouns, such as “I,” “we,” “me,” “us,” “my,” and “our,” in the domain. academic. writing. However, there are cases where the first-person reference makes sense and is allowed.

Please note that these rules may not apply to all courses at all universities. If in doubt, check with your teacher.

  1. The main use of the first person pronoun in academic writing will be when talking about personal experience. How else are you supposed to tell a story that happened to you, other than using an auto-reference pronoun?
  2. In the humanities, where much of your writing will involve personal analysis of various things, the first-person reference is usually acceptable. After all, the reader hopes to get your perspective on the subject. As long as your use of the first person pronoun is backed up by proper argument and support, it should be fine.
  3. In the sciences, the use of a first-person reference may be acceptable when done in the context of describing a project you are working on, especially when you place it within current research in the same field.
  4. In the social sciences, the first-person reference can be used within the same context as in the sciences.

These pronouns can sometimes be used incorrectly for those who are unaware of their meaning and uses. Be careful how you write your sentences with the proper topic directions to determine which people you are referring to in your sentence. Although these pronouns are written with one, two or three letters in total, most writers tend to forget the role of these pronouns in a sentence.

To avoid future spelling mistakes, be sure to identify how the pronouns are classified in three different people for reference. Everyone has their own position when it comes to formal or informal writing. Most of the time, you could end up swapping these pronouns in your writing. So be sure to check your writing again and determine what audience and type of writing you should set your writing tone on different pronouns.

If you are using academic writing software, be sure to modify it to support these rules (most programs allow you to modify the things they check). Getting him to mark the use of pronouns, when you have express permission to use them, can waste a lot of time.