What are the rules for having a second baby shower?

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the arrival of a new life. That is clearly obvious. Why else would women get together and “shower” another woman with gifts (aside from, of course, a bachelorette party)? They have been a tradition for many years and serve as a very useful event for new parents – they help prepare for the new baby.

Is it appropriate to have a second baby shower?

Some people will say no and others will say yes. I say yes, absolutely, positively yes. However, I have some restrictions with my opinion. Here’s my take on everything:

Having a child is not cheap. Hell, living isn’t cheap. Baby showers offer new parents an edge on the financial leash that children will eventually incur. Before anyone gets upset with that last comment, take it for a grain of salt. I myself have 4 children and I would never trade it for anything in the world. But the fact is … I am financially broken every day. It is what it is.

When is it appropriate to take a second shower

  • If there is a large gap of many years between children, the last child to be born is old enough that there are currently no more baby kits anywhere in the house.
  • When a mother is going to have twins. You may or may not have left over baby things from your first child, but chances are you don’t have two of anything.
  • If the baby is of the other sex.

When a second shower is NOT appropriate

  • When you’re selfish and you only want one because … well, you don’t have a real reason.
  • When you are putting unnecessary stress on your friends and family. If you really want one, organize it yourself!
  • When you have literally just had a baby and you already have everything you need.

I realize that the above list is not inclusive and could be taken in many different ways. There are times when a second shower is necessary. I had a baby shower for my first baby and then I had another baby 15 months after she was born. I did not have a shower for my second daughter. He already had everything he needed. It helped that he had 2 girls back to back. Then I got pregnant a few years later when my youngest daughter was 3 1/2 years old. She went back and forth between whether or not she should take a second shower because

A – this time I was going to have a boy

B – I still had some things from when the girls were babies that I could use

I finally ended up without having a second one, and the reason was my own personal reasoning. He just didn’t want to go anywhere and be social. I had a very hard pregnancy and I never felt like doing anything.

That was it. Plain and simple.

However … I COULD have taken a second shower and it would have been completely acceptable.

If you’re wondering and wondering whether or not you should have another baby shower for a boy other than your first, hopefully this gave you a few more things to complain about. Although in a good way. In the end, do what’s right for you, your child, and your family. That’s all that matters.