Wedding Limousine Rental: 5 Simple Strategies to Save Money

Planning your wedding day is an exciting experience. But did you know that a 2014 survey revealed that the average wedding in Sydney costs around $70,000? That’s right – seventy thousand dollars!

There’s no doubt that Sydneysiders are in for a hefty wedding bill. In fact, this figure is almost double the amount of the average Australian wedding, which comes to $36,200.

To lower your overall wedding bill, there are many strategies you can use to cut costs without skimping on quality. Take for example the cost of hiring a wedding limousine.

By following these 5 simple strategies, you can save money on your wedding limousine rental and still enjoy the luxurious style and comfort this service has to offer.

1. Plan ahead

When most people think of a wedding limousine, they think of the typical white limousine. This is a great addition to a wedding as white matches the traditional color of the wedding dress and the white theme in general. However, limousine companies often offer many more options than a standard white limousine in their fleet of vehicles.

Luxury sedans, vintage classic cars, exotic sports cars, and the popular Hummer are just a few of the other rental car alternatives offered by limousine companies. All with their own driver so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. So what does all this have to do with planning ahead?

Think about it. The longer you wait before making your reservation, the greater the chance that other people will book limos on your wedding date. As other people make reservations, what you will find is that they end up choosing all the lower priced vehicles first. So when you finally make your reservation, you end up with fewer vehicle options available to choose from, and these vehicles are often the most expensive models in your fleet.

Sure you can get a more impressive vehicle, but you’ll pay the price. And if you would have been happy with the lower cost vehicle, you missed your chance because you waited too long to make your reservation.

So the key point with this strategy is to plan ahead. You will get more limousine vehicle options available and you can save money by booking a wedding car rental at a lower price.

2. Ask about special offers

Limousine companies often have discounts and special offers to increase your bookings. The sale could be at various times of the year or some other random occasion when they have a special offer.

Now here’s the funny thing. Sometimes a limousine company’s website may be out of date, and sometimes phone carriers forget to mention their current offers or specials.

So whenever you talk to a limo company, ask them if they have any current deals or special offers. This alone could save you hundreds of dollars by choosing a company with a special offer instead of one without.

3. Combine your bookings for more savings

Even if your limo company says they don’t have any current specials, if you have a large order, they will likely negotiate with you to secure your reservation.

For example, your wedding day may require more than one limousine. You may need one for the bride and groom, one for the groomsmen, and a third for the bridal party. You may also be considering hiring a limo for bucks night and chicken night. Immediately, a simple reservation of a limousine for the wedding day can turn into 3 reservations with several cars in all reservations.

You now have some leverage to negotiate a lower cost on all reservations. Combining bookings is a sure way to save money on limousine bookings and the same goes for repeat business.

4. Request a collection point

Having the limousine drive and pick up multiple passengers throughout Sydney is an easy way to reduce limo rental costs. Instead, arrange for all limousine passengers to meet at a central location and have the driver meet you at a pickup location.

This is an easy way to reduce your overall limo rental costs. Not to mention that the exciting limousine ride will start right away. You won’t have to waste time getting everyone together before the party really gets started.

5. Book the “right” time

Your limousine bill will become a product of location, distance traveled, and time spent. However, what most people don’t know is that going over the agreed time results in high penalty rates. This can really add to the overall costs of the wedding limo.

When reserving your limousine for your wedding day, it is safer to reserve the limousine for a little longer than required. Even paying for an extra hour or two can save you money in the long run.

For example, it is quite common for an unforeseen incident to occur that can delay your wedding day and cause your limo reservation to be delayed by as little as 30 minutes. The overtime penalty rates associated with such an event can be devastatingly high and this is common among most limousine companies.

To save money with this strategy, make sure you know the penalty fees before you book. Then, to be on the safe side, set aside a little more time than required. If the day you realize you are getting ahead of yourself, you can always use the extra time by going on an extended ride and enjoying your limo experience.

Cutting wedding day costs is within your reach. Use these 5 simple strategies to lower the cost of your wedding limousine rental without compromising quality. Above all, have fun and remember that this is a day you will remember for the rest of your lives. In fact, it means the beginning of your new life together. In general, be sure to treat the planning of this day with the respect and dedication it deserves. I wish you all the best with your plans for your wedding day and your new life together.