Volkswagen car range: choosing one of the best

The Fox is Volkswagen’s small car, in terms of build and price. Its size makes it the best for driving in a crowded city, but what makes this mini stand out is its spacious interior and overall styling. You can drive one for as little as $ 7,460.

Next in the range is the new Polo. With its $ 9,910 price tag, it certainly is a scam. It is designed to last long and save fuel. One of its best features is its luxurious interior.

The new Golf may be the best hatchback on the market. The best it offers is an efficient engine and a sleek cabin. Among all golf cars, this is probably the best, as it is the quietest, safest and most luxurious. You can also opt for the Golf GTI, Golf GTD or Golf R. Another of this range is the Golf Plus ($ 15,885) or the Golf Estate ($ 17,200) that allows you to fully enjoy a hatchback specially created for additional space, premium cabin and luxury features.

If you want to be a part of popular Volkswagen history and add a touch of cool personality, then you should get the New Beetle. It boasts of a retro shell, but inside it is the utmost modernity. Overall, it lets you take a piece of the Beetle heritage while having more style and better performance. The New Beetle is priced at $ 12,990.

The Jetta should be yours if you want a sleek, sporty look while adding a lot of premium features. Next in line are Volkswagen Passat cars. The business lounge can take you anywhere safe and sound, while the Passat Estate lets you take advantage of all the salon features and capabilities with more room to boot. The Passat CC, a four-seater coupe, has an aerodynamic profile and gives you sporty dynamics with the comfort of a saloon.

If you want the 2008 Car of the Year from, then you should buy the Scirocco. This striking coupe boasts superior design, performance and details that make the $ 18,860 a bargain. If you want an SUV, go in style with the Tiguan. If convertibles pull your heart, then the Eos can give you the thrill roof down and the luxury roof up. Of course, if you want a seven-seater for the whole family, then the Volkswagen Touran is your car.