Unfinished kitchen cabinets

The benefits of choosing unfinished kitchen cabinets are numerous if you have decided to remodel or install new cabinets in your kitchen. One advantage is that you can customize the look of a kitchen cabinet installation based on your design ideas or to complement your current kitchen décor. If you’re on a budget but want the best, unfinished cabinets give you the ability to purchase quality cabinet materials and construction at good cost savings.

Unfinished kitchen cabinet retailers and wholesalers sell kitchen cabinets, in various species of wood, that are not stained or varnished and in most cases unsealed. What this does is offer you flexibility in kitchen cabinet design. These types of cabinets allow you to choose the style, color, and tint, finish, or enamel of your choice. For example, if you want to be lighter, then your unfinished kitchen cabinet can be finished with a clear lacquer or light maple stain. If you like a darker look, you can use a walnut stain or even a dark paint to finish your cabinets.

Different woods have different properties that you need to consider when choosing an unfinished kitchen cabinet. When it comes to absorbing stains, not all woods are the same. It is the original color and hardness of the wood that will determine its final color after staining and since it is more difficult to lighten the wood than to darken it, you will want to choose wisely. A good practice is to apply different stains to the unfinished wood samples you are looking at to get a better idea of ​​the final result and to compare.

Dark wood tones include mahogany and walnut, while light colors are oak, pine, ash, elm, and beech. There is a middle ground that includes woods like rosewood, cherry, and teak.

Aside from aesthetics, the main benefit of considering buying from an unfinished cabinet vendor is that you can save money. Because the cabinets are not finished, they are less expensive to buy. Now if you decide to install them yourself, then you are looking for tremendous savings on kitchen cabinets that are completely finished, stained, and sealed. If you choose this option, you can even find ready-to-assemble (RTA) unfinished cabinets for easy installation. Saving money can also be the key to a good kitchen redesign

To save even more, if you decide to stain, paint, or varnish unfinished kitchen cabinets, you can choose less expensive types of wood. One example is that you can get the expensive look of mahogany or cherry cabinets by staining a lighter-toned, less expensive wood like oak or beech. However, the quality of the build and the hardware used should not be compromised.

Unfinished, unstained, and unvarnished kitchen cabinets are easy to find; You can find retailers locally and online. They are an option that offers the flexibility of design, color and style to suit your kitchen design and allows you to achieve the look you really want, at a price you can really afford. Unfinished cabinets will allow you to transform your kitchen with a fresh and brand new look. This is what makes unfinished kitchen cabinets a practical option to consider for your kitchen.