UCLA Adult Stem Cell Speech

Hello, my name is Michael Webster. I am 62 years old! I was always big for my age, seemed older than my age and dated older children. Many people even thought that I was older and therefore expected more of me. I was always healthy, strong and I thought invincible. He felt like he could jump tall buildings in one jump and had always been athletic, played all sports, and even boxed. Then all of a sudden I made a living, I embarked on that endeavor and didn’t do much else. For example, I no longer mowed my own lawn, waxed my car, didn’t even go for a walk, much less do sports activities.

Then years later, after a lot of fast food and a fast life, I ended up VERY OVERWEIGHT. During a routine physical exam, I was diagnosed as being a VERY SICK MAN. I considered this a serious wake-up call and started looking for natural answers.

I am 6 foot 3 and weighed 389 pounds. I knew that I had to change my lifestyle by eliminating all fast food and overcoming those pesky temptations. I even had to stop drinking socially. I had to develop an exercise program and chose to walk for at least an hour a day. But I was determined to GET BACK MY HEALTH AND WELLNESS.

I found a GREAT WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM and lost 111 pounds in 52 days. Needless to say, THIS HELPED A LOT.

But, even though I was improving on one level, I still had serious problems from the damage that had already been done to my organs (specifically, my heart). Losing weight was not enough to regain the health you enjoyed when you were younger.

He had already investigated embryonic stem cells and that was a long way off. There were no ongoing clinical trials that I could find. It looked like it was going to be two, five, maybe ten years. With the controversy over embryonic stem cells, the future for any new discoveries that came in time to help me was quite dark.

Then one day, I came across information on adult stem cells. Many years ago it was discovered that all adults already have stem cells in their system. The miracle of adult stem cells is that they can go anywhere in your body and help support the growth of healthy new cells, wherever they are needed, like a small army of engineers, each with a complete toolbox that contains everything you need to do any job. I desperately needed it.

The problem is that our bodies don’t make enough adult stem cells to repair serious damage. The cycle of life continues every day in our bodies. As we go from birth to death, millions of cells go through the same process every day. If the body does not get the nutrition it needs to make healthy cells to replace those that die every day, the body becomes weaker and weaker, sicker and sicker, and more and more unbalanced. Finally, disaster strikes, as it did to me. Fortunately, I survived it, but barely.

So when I found this product that enhances adult stem cell growth, I was a bit skeptical, but realized that I didn’t have long to live without some drastic measures. The first day I took two capsules and noticed that I had a little more energy and felt a little better.

Now I take three capsules, four times a day, and although it has been a very short time, now I can do things that I have not been able to do for years. I walk all over the place. I attend meetings where I often have to stand for long periods of time. I am very, very active. I feel strong as an ox, people tell me I look great, I feel great and it’s just amazing! I have gone from having a hard time walking from the hospital bed to the bathroom to running (not walking!) Up and down stairs. That is what I call a miracle.

This is the future, but it is here today, and for that I am grateful.