Traveling for business or pleasure – What services are you looking for?

At some point in your life, have you been designated as a planner for your family’s next vacation? When you started looking for hotels, were you overwhelmed by the sheer volume of available accommodations? Metropolitan areas are, in some cases, home to as many as 500 hotels that vary wildly in location and rates, and offer services. It’s nice to have a large number of options as it allows you to be selective and narrow your choice of hotels based on selected criteria, including the rate and the hotel supplies you want or need. It goes without saying that when you are planning a family vacation, the hotel amenities and supplies you want will be different than what would be important if you were traveling alone or for work.

Some hotel chains and independent hotels are marketed as family hotels. Hotel supplies they often offer include microwaves, mini-fridges, and rollaway beds. Many also have separate sleeping areas for children. Non-slip bath mats, extra towels, and durable ice buckets are also family-friendly amenities many hotels offer. Hotels in some areas of the country cater to children of all ages; They are known for offering hotel supplies and amenities for children, such as Disney stools and accessories. Kiddie pools and family tub / shower combos are also common amenities at family-focused hotels.

Some hotel supplies and amenities may not matter when you are traveling alone; however, when traveling with your family, those same hotel needs and supplies can be a deciding factor. Hotels that offer continental breakfast as part of their room rates can save families more than $ 100 on food during an average vacation. Business travelers may have little or no interest in the hotel pool; however, if your family is like many others, one of your most important criteria is a pool and amenities like extra towels. Newer hotels, and some hotels undergoing renovations, are adding new and innovative hotel supplies to their repertoire, and many are targeting not family or business, but rather people.

On the contrary, if you are traveling for business, ergonomic workspaces and good lighting are critical hotel supplies that are probably not necessary for family vacations. The hotel’s bars, as well as room service, are great amenities when you’re away on a work assignment or enjoying a weekend with your partner. However, they are probably neither necessary nor profitable parts of a family trip. Hotels with large bathrooms that are equipped with extra towels, while not useful for people traveling on business, are universally loved by families. When hotels review the amenities and supplies they offer to guests, when catering to a specific clientele, such as families, they often tailor what they offer to the customer’s common needs and wants.

Ultimately, your choice of hotels will come down to matching available accommodation with your desired hotel supplies and amenities, which in turn will vary based on the purpose of your trip. As you eliminate hotels from your final choices because they lack the hotel supplies or services you are looking for, you will eventually be left with just one hotel. If you’re traveling with your family, you’ve already done the prep work and made the reservations, so now you can enjoy it! You will probably be pleasantly surprised by the hotel supplies and amenities on offer to you and the accommodations hotels are willing to do to earn your business. They want you to have a great time, regardless of the reason you visit them, in the hope that you will recommend them and be a regular guest as well.