Traffic Building – Discover Your Free Website Traffic Generator

Are you like many internet marketers, feel like your website doesn’t stand on its own, always looking for a new supply of cash to get you through another month?

You’ve reached that point where you can no longer justify your support payments to Google or other PPC engines to drive website traffic. It’s just costing you more than it should, and you’re exhausting your online earning potential.

However, you know that without serious website traffic it’s impossible to build a list or sell anything…

So what are you going to do now?

It’s time to do your research and learn how to create your own free website traffic generator and implement it quickly.

One of the most common mistakes that both new and veteran internet marketers keep making is simply not taking massive immediate action and implementing their new knowledge or tool.

They did their own research, they learned the basics, but they didn’t take the final, most important step for some reason. The only thing I can offer as an explanation is “fear of success”, it sounds strange, but look in the mirror, it really prevents you from taking massive action and implementing your new knowledge.

There are only 3 basic principles you need to learn to be successful in internet marketing:

traffic generationlist building and sales copywriting, but without first generating traffic, neither list building nor sales copywriting really matters either.

1) live referred traffic It’s the highest quality traffic you can generate, and it includes visitors: from another site, from a sales letter you sent them by reading an article you posted online. These are the most qualified leads, assuming the source of the referral accurately represents the nature of your site. (i.e. an article about dog training that sends the visitor to a site about pet training will not convert, it must be about dog training)

2) Search Engine Referrals is the next highest quality traffic source. You can use article writing to position yourself as an expert in your niche and create high ranking positions on your related website pages. For example, if your site ranks in the top 10 or 20 websites for a particular search term, and a visitor clicks on your site after searching for a particular keyword or phrase in a search engine. These are search engine referrals, sometimes called organic search traffic. (i.e. the visitor was specifically looking for your type of information)

Free website traffic is initially labor intensive, but investing yourself in these two main areas will bring you the online success you are striving for. This is where the massive action should take place, just do the work!

Soon, Find out how article writing will become your free website traffic generator creating online profit for you by driving more qualified visitors to your website, not necessarily large volumes of traffic to your website. These two sources of traffic will generate the most qualified visitor to your website, which tends to be more profitable and requires less volume because they will convert to sales more easily.

You want more profitable sales, not just more traffic to your website!