Toyota RAV4 history

The RAV4, a model name that is short for Active Recreational Vehicle with 4-wheel drive, is a hybrid SUV from Toyota, with the space and size advantages of an SUV with the efficiency and drivability of a compact car. . The car serves a market that is more fond of large cars due to perceived safety and dominance, while still trying to maintain the smaller car’s affordability and efficiency. Other automakers have followed suit with similar smaller SUV models, such as the Mitsubishi Outlander. The Toyota RAV4 was originally sold in Europe and Toyota’s home country of Japan since it was introduced in 1990, but the RAV4 was introduced to the North American auto market two years later, in 1990. And six.

The first variation of the RAV4 was produced between 1996 and 2000, with two- and four-door options available. Both manual and automatic transmissions were produced to serve the US, Japanese and European markets. The RAV4 was given a facelift in 1990, with also the introduction of the two-door softtop variation, which was sold only in the US market.

Between two thousand one and two thousand five the second generation RAV4 was introduced, with two main variations produced. Edge models were more basic, with no color-coded bumpers found on Cruiser models. Two thousand and four saw an update to the car, with new styling and improved equipment. As a sales boost before the introduction of the new generation RAV4, the RAV4 CV Sport was introduced in 2005, with a more sporty and aggressive styling.

The RAV4 was given an entirely new platform and styling in 2006, for the third generation RAV4. The car increased in size by using a new platform, and American models have a third row of toddler games. The two-door option was dropped, although the new Urban Cruiser filled the void for a compact SUV.