Top three summer sporting events to enjoy on your sailing trip to Croatia

Sailing is a fun activity in itself and it can be said that it can be considered a sporting event in itself. However, there are some sporting events that you can encounter while chartering a yacht on the Croatian coast during the summer months. For example, every July, in the beautiful coastal town of Umag, in Istria, there is a tennis tournament – the Croatian Open Umag.

Croatia Open Umag

The Croatia Open Umag regularly attracts renowned people from the world of tennis from all over the world, as well as people from politics, economics and entertainment. The Croatia Open is one of the oldest and most important social events that has been held for more than a decade.


Sports regattas are held annually throughout the Adriatic, organized by numerous sports clubs, attracting sailing enthusiasts from around the world. The regatta is a series of boat races, mainly sailing yachts, although motor yachts can also compete in those races and they are mostly amateur races and the preparations for the regatta can be seen in the video clip below .

These regattas are held throughout the year, but those that take place during the summer months attract the most enthusiastic visitors. One of the most attractive regattas held every June is that of Zadar, where numerous other regattas are held throughout the year. The Zadar regatta attracts sailors from all over the world ensuring great sailing fun for all participants as well as spectators.

Other popular regattas in Croatia are: Easter regatta It takes place the weekend before Easter and is one of the biggest Croatian regattas. Komiška regatta takes place in the and of May. It begins in Split and ends at the picturesque port of Komiža on the island of Vis. Regatta mrduja It was founded in 1927 and is one of the oldest European regattas. It starts and ends in Split and the goal is to turn on the small island of Mrduja. Viška Regatta It has a similar route to the Komiška Regatta, only it takes you from Split to Vis (another city on the island of Vis). This 70-year-old regatta takes place during the third weekend of October.

Water polo championship

If you are a lover of summer water sports, be sure not to miss the Water Polo Championship in Dubrovnik, a world famous historical city in South Dalmatia, where fun is guaranteed. The so-called Wild League begins in early July and lasts until the end of June when the champion is chosen. More than 40 teams compete for the champion title each year.

Charter a yacht in Croatia and head to the exciting sporting events!