Top Ten Reasons Your Business Should Use Indoor Advertising

First, what is indoor billboard marketing? are a lot of things. Marketing that takes place outside the home. Most of the indoor marketing is carried out through billboards placed inside bars, restaurants and gyms.

Top Ten Reasons to Use Indoor Billboards:

1. Welcome advertising (pleasing to the eye) People are bored of entertaining them and they will reward you. They want to read something; A study by Rice University found that 98% had a positive reaction to indoor billboards.

2. Reach Readers With Higher Disposable Income With the economy slow and people cautious about what they spend, you need to be where they are still spending money. If they are going out, they are spending money that they have to spend. Indoor billboards are where they are spending money. This is where your next customer will be.

3. Two MINUTES “How long? 2 minutes !!” That is, 2 minutes to tell them why you can solve their problems. Make them laugh and make them think. You have 1 to 3 minutes; that’s a lot of time. With normal billboards you get 6 seconds, that’s it. Advertising at 65 miles per hour. Radio I may have seconded between 15 and 30. (Second, not sure if that’s the right place for it, but we’re using it anyway!)

4. Gender, income, area, gender and more with targeting capabilities You can target your ads to demographics like no other medium. By gender, go to a bathroom. Hair color, okay, maybe not hair color. Within the network of venues, you can choose billboards in the area you want to target based on income, gender, and geographic factors so you don’t waste advertising that isn’t targeting your top customers.


5. Cost. CPM ROI With the average CPM (cost per thousand) metric, the indoor billboard is 2.00 – 4.00 per 1000 and has them for 2 minutes, so the quality of the CPM is higher. ROI (return on investment) is much higher research that found that for every dollar spent on indoor advertising, it returned eight.

6. It is new and old at the same time. Using new and innovative products, that’s the way you separate yourself from the competition, a key differentiation. Seeing a trend and riding the wave. With indoor billboard advertising, you can get creative and create a unique message moment.

“People are looking for something new that is specific and attracts attention. Is this the way to do it? -The Wall Street Journal

7. Immune to customer avoidance In the bathroom, it is a responsibility for men to turn left or right. They will look at your advertising. Radio commercials are the worst. Radio commercials last forever and you change the channel. TVs with DVRs skip, junk mail is thrown away. My Peedabo email has 5 filters that call it spam and are removed and how easy it is to remove them. Indoor advertising gives you an advantage over traditional media.

8. Reminder rate * University studies have found that the recall rate is 60% or more than 78 percent, recalled one or more of the indoor billboard ads, according to Audits & Surveys Worldwide * 92% were able name specific advertisers without asking. BARBOUR & MONROE SURVEY


9. Indoor advertising Easy to use. The contracts are 3 months on average and complement a large campaign with multiple media in use. And indoor billboards work great as a standalone advertising approach. Track advertising with a simple metric. How did he find out about us? Offer a discount only on your indoor billboards and measure the results.

10. Effective, All the studies that have been carried out demonstrate the effectiveness of indoor advertising. The idea of ​​having a captivated audience for 2 minutes that spends money is a profitable idea. The cost is more than competitive in your smart business. Testing effectiveness is a small price. Look at the facts, this is a great way to get your product or service in front of those who will and can respond.