Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Potty for Your Child

A potty is designed to help your child get used to a real toilet seat. Many of the potty chairs on the market look a lot like a real toilet, making the transition easier and smoother.

However, some parents still prefer to use a real bathroom. This is totally up to you. But be aware that more urinal accidents happen if you use a real toilet right away. Your child may not be physically or psychologically ready to use one. As a result, progress in toilet training can stop in its tracks.

If you’ve decided that a potty is the best option for your child, what are the different factors to consider in choosing the best one?

Listed below are some of the important things to do in selecting the one that best meets your child’s factor needs.

1. Style.

Some products are loaded with bells and whistles, but they don’t meet your expectations. Your child may not even want a fancy one to start with. It is important to know your child’s preferences before buying one. Some children are easily preoccupied with fancy designs, and unfortunately this can slow down their progress in the bathroom.

On the other hand, some children prefer a potty with elaborate designs like music, designed like thrones, etc. to motivate them. If you think your child needs more motivation, choose a product that incorporates all the features that will encourage him to use the potty.

2. Insert or Independent.

These are the two types of urinals you can choose from. An insert is one that you can place over a regular toilet seat. A freestanding toilet is similar to a real toilet, but is generally made of plastic.

It is advisable to use a separate one during the early stages of potty training. Children are generally afraid of toilets, so use a separate one to ease your child’s fears. During the last part of the process, you can use an insert so that you are more familiar with how a real toilet works.

NOTE: Fortunately, two-in-one potties are available. They are sold independently, but can also be converted to an insert style seat.

3. Durability and ease of use.

Since you will only be wearing it for a few months or even a few weeks, make sure it is sturdy enough to last that long. Read reviews and compare prices. Some sites like offer detailed reviews on different brands of urinals.

Another thing to keep in mind is whether you can assemble or disassemble the product without problems. Is it easy for you to dispose of waste materials? To avoid unnecessary masses, look for a potty that has a removable bowl. Saves you time and effort.

4. Size.

The size of the potty depends on the height of your child. Some products are designed for tall children, while others are customized for young children. Take the time to do your research so you can find the perfect fit.

5. Boy or girl.

Well, this is pretty obvious, but it is worth mentioning because it is so important. When researching the type of potty you want to buy, make sure you know if it is appropriate for children, that is, if you have a child. For girls, any potty is fine.

However, if you are potty training your kids, you need to make sure there is a backsplash or similar, for very obvious reasons. The good news is that when you read reviews of the different products, most mention whether this convenience exists.

At the end of the day, it is still important that your child be a part of this process, so let him choose his favorite potty, even if it is more expensive than the one you originally chose for him. This would eventually help speed up the potty training process if your child feels more independent in making his own decisions.