The Xbox 360 Gaming System: Still King of the Hill?

The new Xbox 360 system is the next thing in today’s video games. You can still play regular Xbox games and watch DVDs, but it’s so much better than regular Xbox for many reasons. I first bought the Xbox to play games like Madden Football and Metal Gear, but once the first Halo came out, I was really hooked, so it goes without saying that when the new Xbox 360 came out it was a must-have video game system for me.

If you’re serious about your games, you’ll want to upgrade some of the basic accessories that come with your system for better performance. Below are some of the many accessories you can buy for your Xbox or soon to be Xbox.

Although you won’t need a memory card or Xbox card because it has a 20GB hard drive, it’s nice to have in case you need to take your saved progress somewhere. To keep your controllers charged, you can buy a charging station so that when you’re not using one controller, the battery of the other is charged so that you can turn it off and on like that.

You can get a wireless adapter so you don’t have to worry about cables and such, and you can also buy an intercooler for your Xbox to keep it nice and cool while playing the games you love.

There are all kinds of controllers that you can buy for your Xbox, like wireless add-on controllers or you can choose from the different wired controllers that they now offer these days.

You can also get the HD cables if you have a HDTV, all you need to do is order or purchase them from your local game store. These accessories are necessary if you are a heavy gamer and could be the key to your games.

Some of the games available for the system, in addition to my favorite Halo 3, are Meet the Robinsons and Star Trek Legacy for kids and then some of my favorite shooting games like Rainbow Six, Gears Of War, and Hitman. Of course, there are also the almost enumerable sports games for those of us who are sports fans.

I am a bit prejudiced when it comes to Xbox because I have had a version of the system for many years and have played the games on my big screen, but I still think that you can’t go wrong with the new Xbox 360 if you are a serious gamer. With the option to get an Xbox Live subscription, it really leaves nothing to be desired.