The rarity of racism

There are a lot of weird things that happen alongside racism. Hate is the main cause of racism, but it is strange that people often do not know why they hate. Racism is only one way of acting for them, since they do not accept people other than themselves.

Racism has caught everyone’s attention with the brutal murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer who held his knee to his victim’s neck for nearly nine minutes while the man lay on the ground. This was while George Floyd begged for help and told him that he couldn’t breathe. The other three officers present did not stop the deadly attack on a black man who was unwilling to die. It appears that it was a racist act against a black man, but it was strange that the officer’s wife and one of the other police officers present were both Asian-Americans, apparently brothers.

Although police problems with black men have become a problem, others are killed by racist civilians in the general population. Ahmaud Arbery was an unarmed young black man who was fatally shot in Georgia. He was simply jogging in a neighborhood when he was chased by two white men, a father and a son. They were armed and shot Arbery. The men were finally arrested more than two months later and charged with felony murder and aggravated battery. This was a racist act and it was strange that the men were not immediately charged.

The woman caught in racist tirades in Torrance, California, which were filmed on video, was apparently venting her hatred for those of Asian descent. She was clearly racist against Asians, but then she gets in her Honda car and drives off. It is strange that you do not seem to realize that you are driving an Asian car.

Vincent Chin was a Chinese-American man who was having a bachelor party in Detroit in 1982. Japanese cars were gaining importance in the United States and autoworkers from the Big Three in Detroit had been laid off. There was animosity towards Japan and the Japanese because of this situation. While Vincent Chin and his friends were at a club, they ran into a white autoworker with Chrysler and his stepson, who had lost his job at the Chrysler plant. A confrontation ensued and they were removed from the club. The two white men drove until they found Vincent Chin and his friends at a McDonald’s. A fight followed with the autoworker hitting Chin with a baseball bat until his head snapped off. Vincent Chin died four days later in a hospital. It was a clear act of racism, as white men were indistinguishable from Asians of different ethnicities, but it was strange that the two men never received prison time.

Racism and hatred caused 120,000 people of Japanese descent to be driven from their homes on the West Coast and imprisoned in American concentration camps during World War II. Some people do not believe that it really happened because it is strange to think that such a thing could happen due to racism to its own citizens in the United States of America.

With the pandemic coronavirus, many people blame China. As a result, Asian Americans are experiencing racism from various people. It is strange that many of the perpetrators of racism on display about the coronavirus are racial minorities. Asians are being harassed by African Americans and Latinos, as well as white people. It is strange that those who have probably faced racism are attacking others with racial tirades.

Racism is a strange part of society. Racism is unforgivable, but it will be difficult to eradicate because there is so much hatred and bigotry in the world. Government leaders must make changes, but there must also be a change in attitude within the general public before racism can be curbed and hopefully eliminated.