The Power of Contests in Internet Marketing

The contest is an established marketing tactic, both in physical and cyberspace, and with a strong justification: human beings like to try to win things.

The highly successful online contests have solidified the contest’s position as a worthy part of an effective internet marketing strategy.

Didja Ever?

Carnival Cruise Lines showcased their marketing prowess by creating a contest called Didja Ever, which asked participants to submit a description of something they would love to do while on this planet, encouraging them to think meaningfully and big. .

People responded in large numbers: Carnival Cruise’s Facebook likes now number more than two million.

AMC Theaters

Successful contests don’t have to be one-time large-scale events. They can be a regular part of the way a business communicates with its customer base.

Take AMC theaters, for example. They use the Pinterest platform to regularly offer their moviegoers the chance to win prizes like signed posters, stylish t-shirts, and of course free tickets. Regular moviegoers just need to follow the AMC Theaters Pinterest giveaway board to stay constantly up-to-date and up-to-date.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons is an excellent hotel chain that knows the value of incorporating contests into an internet marketing strategy and asks participants to send them their photos of a selected city, like Toronto, Canada, for example.

This type of contest works well for Four Seasons, as travelers are often passionate about photography, and the generous prize of a free weekend at a Four Seasons hotel is an obvious drawing card.


If there is a chip that identifies with the holidays, it is Dorito, with its crunchy and intense flavors. Doritos knows who likes to eat their fries and so he designed a contest that speaks directly to these young snacks in which re-tweeting a particular Doritos tweet could win them enough Doritos and other worthy prizes to party all night long.

The Doritos brand gained significant attention for this cool contest, although it should be noted that Twitter does not condone such antics.

Brush friends

Brush Buddies is a company founded on the simple premise that brushing your teeth can be fun, which is why they have made a line of singing toothbrushes.

When Brush Buddies decided to launch a Facebook contest designed to boost their presence in the global marketplace, they turned to a talent search, asking for video submissions from singers who wanted to be the voice of a toothbrush. The internet responded with enthusiasm and Brush Buddies attracted attention in eight different countries.


HP is a well-known company, although their HP Specter laptop may not be as prolific as they would like.

HP hosts a contest entry page on Pinterest, offering attractive prizes like the HP Specter laptop, generous Amazon certificates, etc., to entrants who create a Pinboard around a weekly theme presented by HP. The contest is regular and participants return weekly and increase in number.

It is indisputable that smart contests that are held on the right social media platform can bring some oomph to a business’s online presence and help create meaningful cyberspace.