The natural properties of walnut oil in skin care

Although walnut oil is used in cooking, it is a great skin care oil that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, and it makes you feel great. If you consider that its main ingredients include omega-3 fatty acids that are very easily absorbed by the skin, it is no wonder that this oil is such a popular natural skin care product.

A major problem with commercial skin care oils and lotions available in most stores is that they contain synthetic chemicals like detergents and surfactants that can irritate the skin. You may not notice it at first, but you may eventually feel a tightening as your skin dries, rather than being left with a silky feel like walnut oil provides. This dry feeling is caused by the astringency of many inexpensive, modern “skin care” products formulated with inexpensive, mass-produced chemicals.

This is not the case with walnut oil based skin care products. This is because instead of containing detergents that clean the skin quite harshly, this is what is known as a regenerative oil that is particularly effective on more mature skin where it possesses mild acidic properties that kill unwanted skin bacteria. Although particularly effective on what is commonly known as acne skin, walnut oil is also effective in soothing sunburned skin and eczema.

This is not to infer that the oil cannot be used on normal skin; on the contrary, it is a very mild oil that makes your perfect skin feel luxuriously pampered, and the ideal solution for an evening in yourself with a long hot bath, a glass of wine and a box of chocolates. And a body massage with a delicious and aromatic walnut oil.

You won’t get that with any of the many commercial products that claim to do the same thing as walnut oil. Be careful when buying walnut oil skincare products and check the label carefully for synthetic ingredients. This does not contain any, just walnut oil.

When checking labels, look particularly for sodium lauryl sulfate or laureth sulfate (same thing) – it’s a chemical foam stabilizer that can irritate skin and even cause hair loss. You will find this surfactant in bath products because it is relatively inexpensive and is used in several different types of cosmetic products that involve foam. This is just one example of the type of ingredient that you can find in synthetic cosmetic products that you won’t find in natural ones.

Walnut oil is particularly free of synthetic chemicals, and is also used in bath products like bath oils, and also in lip balms, lotions, and face and body creams. It is also used in anti-wrinkle creams for the skin around the eyes and mouth, and also as a massage oil. The benefits of such a natural oil for skin care cannot be overemphasized, as many people have suffered skin damage and irritation from coming into contact with synthetic ingredients in commercial preparations.