The future of virtual reality in your living room

What will your living room look like in 2020 with all the nifty new high-tech entertainment devices available in the future? We already see flat screen big screen television monitors and the new Xbox 360 is certainly amazing too. Then there is surround sound and also small headphones for perfect sound with small electronic devices like the iPod.

Is it possible that in the future they will also add holographic projection to these devices? A literal virtual reality stage in your own living room; In other words, the future of virtual reality in your living room may seem more real than the real world. And probably more exciting, challenging, entertaining, and fun too?

This brings up a good point on the issues with visionaries and technology, as we see how the battle for consumer electronics surpasses the average consumer’s imagination and transforms their real world into quite augmented reality. Many high-tech engineers have many VR thoughts, some military regarding simulation, Mars CAVE, car and truck simulators for training as well. These are just a few of those ideas.



Particularly interesting throughout the concept and theme and with regard to holographic virtual reality, turning the living room into your own virtual reality learning or gaming experience; you won’t have to go far into any search engine to see my point and take a look at the possible holographic virtual reality living room. Think about this in 2006.