The different types of Wilson baseball gloves

Like the other top brand baseball glove manufacturer, Wilson also has one of the most popular gloves in the Major Official Baseball League. Manufacturing baseball gloves since 1922, Wilson offers around 13 series of baseball gloves, including 8 for adults and 5 for youth. Their top-of-the-line gloves cost around $ 200, while some youth ball gloves can be purchased for as little as $ 15.

Try searching for Major Baseball League and you are sure to see a high percentage of athletes wearing premium Wilson gloves. In fact, some of the star players like Vladimir Guererro, Barry Bonds, Kerry Wood and Jose Vidro are wearing the same Wilson gloves for their game. The reason is that these Wilson baseball gloves are created using advanced technology combined with skilled craftsmen to produce gloves for both professionals and amateurs.

Many Wilson leather gloves are offered. From youth baseball gloves to gloves for the next baseball player dreaming of turning pro. Wilson has a variety of gloves, unique patterns, and durable material tested by time and the best players in the game. We have various types of patterns, such as pitcher, catcher, infield, outfield, and first base. The most popular models and series include the following:

A2000 Baseball Gloves – These are simply the most famous of all Wilson gloves. The Wilson A2000 series is made from hand-selected, durable cowhide. It comes with a field utility and various frame sizes. Available in left- and right-handed models. This powerful line of quality gloves is the best to wear during the game and has set the standard for some major well-known professional baseball leagues.

A2k Series – The Wilson A2k Series was created with the same features as the famous A2000 gloves, but used finer materials. A2k is carefully designed to fit like the most famous gloves, leaving the athlete in total comfort and control. These stylish looking, best performing gloves are meticulously crafted with leather embroidery.

A3000 Series – The newly innovated Wilson A300 gloves feature an exactly durable exoskeleton. It was made in a patent way that allows the glove to easily flex inward while providing the best pocket stability and finger strength. All A3000 gloves are made from pro stock kip leather, which gets the attention of every major league player. It features an ultra-breathable Dri-lex wrist liner, which keeps your hand cool and dry. The shock absorbing sooty index pad is also designed to lessen the impact of the ball when you catch it for less pain.

Be a pro in choosing new baseball gloves. If you do, then you should consider buying Wilson baseball gloves and you will be a true player. Paste! To run! And score! Be a winner in your glove selection and be a winner in the real game!