The best thing you can do today is follow Jesus

Open your Bible to John 12:26, ​​it says … If anyone serves me, let him follow me; and where I am, there also will be my servant; if anyone serves me, my Father will honor him. Go ahead and highlight that writing.

Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, and those who receive him must take him for who he really is. If you have truly received it, your life will be characterized by submission to its authority. God invites you to walk deeper with Jesus! A personal and living relationship with Jesus. If you understand who Jesus really is, you won’t be able to stop serving Him.

Get out of your comfort zone to serve him and be a new person with a new purpose. He is not looking for you to be perfect. There are two kingdoms in operation on this earth. There is the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light. The best thing you can do today is follow Jesus! All of Jesus’ servants should exalt him with praise and honor, because that pleases God.

Jesus guides us on the path of eternal life with our Heavenly Father. That is what Jesus does. It enlightens us with the truth of God’s Word. When you read it, listen to it, meditate on it, and say it, it empowers you to believe. Glory to God, trust Him, believe in Him and open your life to Him.

Jesus will never stop loving you, even in sin, with unconditional love. The greatest friendship we will ever experience is with Jesus Christ. He is the One Door, the One Door of salvation for both men and women. They both need the bread of life, the Word of God. Who do you really love and serve?

New life in the power of the Holy Spirit and you can learn His language by knowing Him through His Word. I’m hungry for God! Are you? Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? The best thing you can do today is follow Jesus.

Put your mind and spirit on the things that are not seen with your natural eyes. Immerse yourself in the Word of God and in the holy presence of the Lord Jesus. It is an amazing and glorious partnership and it is unlike any other relationship in life.

This is what God wants you to know. Know Jesus, love him and allow him to shine within you. Don’t let people convince you. God will help you go where you could not go on your own. You must realize that there is something amazing about the power of God.

People and obstacles will come against you! So don’t be surprised if you face opposition. But I want you to hold onto the Word of God. If you keep your thoughts fixed on what God says, you will overcome obstacles and follow Jesus. Now, raise your hand and say: Jesus, I will follow you!