The best cities to be a veterinary technician

It’s a good idea to consider the best cities to be a vet tech if you’re entering this field, whether you’re looking for schools, graduating, freshly graduated, or already working in the field but thinking of moving. The best cities for vet techs are the cities with the most jobs in this field, the highest salaries, and the most general amenities for residents. There are a few cities topping the list right now.

It may seem like big cities like New York, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles would top the list just because they’re so big and there are so many resources, but this isn’t necessarily the case. While these can be great places to go to vet school, they are not necessarily the best places to be a vet tech because the job field is so competitive and the cost of living is so high. This may be fine for vets, but since vet techs earn so much less than vets, it can make life quite difficult.

For vet techs, Phoenix, Arizona is actually the best city in the United States to build a career. Many animal owners in the Phoenix area have small pets like cats and dogs and large animals like pigs and horses. And the cost of living is still very reasonable. The second best city for veterinary assistants is Orlando, Florida. If you are looking for a good place to relocate, this might be ideal, especially if you want to work with smaller pets. Tucson, Arizona is the third best city and Houston, Texas, the fourth best.

As a veterinary assistant, you are expected to assist veterinarians with examinations, procedures such as X-rays, surgical operations, and daily functions such as keeping records, welcoming patients, and tidying the office. Some people begin their careers as veterinary technicians to gain experience as they continue their studies to become full-fledged veterinarians, while others are content with this career and all the satisfactions it offers. After a short period of training, you can enter this field and begin the rewarding job of caring for pets.