The adorable losers: the Chicago Cubs are on their way to rise

If you are a fan of MLB, you must know the lovable losers: the Chicago Cubs. It is a professional baseball team from Illinois and is a member of the National League. Why have they been called the adorable losers? That’s because they haven’t been able to pull off any championship wins in the past 102 years. This is the longest continuous lost time for any team in the national circle. The North Siders, The Cubbies, and The Boys in Blue are also fan-generated titles for this team.

Like any other Cubbies season, there was no sign of improvement in the Cubs’ ranks and their game in season four of 2010. So they continued their legacy of playing to lose, negatively affecting the overall team spirit.

It will be a tough game for the Chicago Cubs against the hard hitting force that was the Cardinals’ main component, so they will focus on that when they compete with the Chicago Cubs. Tom Gorzelanny could come out as a game winner for the Cardinals. While, on the other hand, the Chicago Cubs will rely on their left handlers, as they are also on a three-game winning streak. The field at Wrigley could prove favorable for the cubs, as they have racked up numerous victories playing here, but never, of course, a championship.

There is great news to share when we are in the process of writing this post. The Chicago Cubs have beaten the St. Louis Cardinals with a stunning 5-0 victory. Although the start of the game was not very favorable for the Cubs, things began to fall in the returns of the Cubs. They were successful in pressuring the Cardinals with their outstanding pitches, punches and home runs.

All in all, they haven’t beaten the champion in over a hundred years, but sometimes they have the motivation to outmaneuver their much more powerful opponents. We can well predict that The Boys in Blue will continue their winning streak and attempt to clinch the championship in real time as it happened today. We look forward to your matches with other teams.

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