The 4 Hottest Celebrities With Ultraviolet Ink Tattoo Art

Rebels on motorcycles, rock stars with drug problems, prisoners with long-term sentences – the rowdy people generally associated with tattoo art are a concept of the past. Now even college students with A’s, beauty queens, and bankers sport their own tattoos. Even famous people, like actors and musicians, have their own celebrity tattoos. And because tattoo art has emerged from the underground scene to become a mainstream form of body enhancement, different variations and types of tattoo ink are now being used to push the boundaries of tattooing.

UV tattoos (or black light tattoos) are created with white tattoo ink or a special type of ink that only becomes visible under black light. This type of tattoo ink has been used in celebrity tattoos and is currently more expensive than regular tattoo ink. However, tattoo art done with white ink or UV ink can be more painful than that done with regular tattoo ink as thicker and higher quality ink must be used. But this hasn’t stopped Hollywood celebrities from getting their own white ink tattoo. Kate Moss started the trend and many young women followed her example. Interestingly, however, no male celebrities were reported getting or sporting a white ink tattoo. Below are four beautiful stars who dared to be different with this type of tattoo.

* Kate Moss. The supermodel, fashion designer and mother of one has gotten several tattoos over the years. In addition to small and delicate swallow tattoos on the lower back, a warmth on the left hand, a crown on the left shoulder, and an anchor on the right forearm, this stunning beauty was reported to have numerous stars in white ink for tattoos on one side of his body.

* Lindsay Lohan. This wild girl got her first forearm tattoo – a small black outline of a star. She soon became addicted to this form of body art and her collection of tattoos includes the words “la bella vita” on her lower back. Inspired by a John Lennon quote (“Go out and get peace, think peace, live peace and breathe peace, and you will get it as soon as you want it”), Lindsay got the word “breathe” tattooed in white ink. on your wrist.

* Jasmine Lennard. English model wrestler, reality star and ex-girlfriend of American Idol’s Simon Cowell transformed her body into a canvas for tattoo art by having Simon’s initials inked on the inside of her arm. She also has the words “trust no one” tattooed on one finger. He also went to the salon, not for a hair dryer, but for a white ink tattoo, which spelled “amore appassionato” (to love passionately). She says she saw Lindsay Lohan’s own white ink tattoo and was inspired to get one herself.

* Khloe Kardashian. This rebellious reality TV star has numerous tattoos on different parts of her body. She says that every tattoo she has means something to her. She has the word “dad” with a cross on her lower back, the words “I love you” in her late father’s handwriting on her wrist, and her husband’s initials on his hand. She also has the letters “KK”, which are the initials of all her sisters, written in white ink on her wrist.

The art of tattooing has come a long way from being gang insignia or a good way to spend time in prison. Tattoos are now considered an art form and even grace the hottest in Hollywood. But even if almost everyone you know has gotten a tattoo, you can choose to remain different by taking a step further, like Lindsay Lohan or Kate Moss. Try a white ink tattoo or an ultraviolet ink tattoo to definitely stand out from the crowd.