Ten BE to increase your followers on social networks

As a business owner or marketing strategist, social media is an important tool to increase brand awareness, we can see social media as a cocktail party, where you can network and have fun. I will explain 10 Must-Haves in your campaign to shake up your social media strategy.


According to BBC News, the average attention span is less than 12 seconds, thanks to multiple devices and many distractions it is really difficult to stay focused and keep the audience entertained. The only way is to generate interesting content in relation to your service or product, there are many formats according to each channel such as videos, interactive images and useful information applicable to their needs.

The best example is TED Talks, their content tries to generate content through guest speakers on the most fashionable and interesting topics in different industries.


Rule number 1. The more you know about your goal, the better your strategy will perform. Who are you talking to? What do they do? Why do they buy your product / service? What are they doing? Where they are? What kind of content are they interested in?

Netflix knows us well, if you are watching comedy movies they will recommend others of the same type, the recommendations are driven by machine learning algorithms that analyze your interests and behaviors.


Influencer marketing storytelling is more realistic and followers can feel connected and identified with their daily lives. Marketers are increasing their influencer budget thanks to the impact on their audience.

Fiji Water teamed up with influencer Danielle Bernstein, a fashion blogger who offers exercise videos with her personal trainer. The goal was to highlight the importance of hydration if you want to feel and look good, the name of the campaign is #weworewhat with #bodyworewhat.


We are human beings and we even live in a connected world, we want to feel different emotions in ads and campaigns to take the experience to the next level. The campaigns that connect with your audience are the ones that will linger long in their minds.

Dove is the brand that takes the perception of beauty as its central strategy, they don’t sell soaps, they sell beauty to women, they empower them to gain esteem.

5. BE FUN.

To attract your audience, you must be unique and enjoy this job. Pick a game, a funny quote, a meme, depending on your service or product to get the attention of your audience.

Test, measure and repeat, you never know how your campaign is going compared to other campaigns, just do experiments and have them run to see what happens.


Imagine if you are only campaigning and not measuring your performance, maybe you get the results you want, but you don’t know exactly what is causing a conversion or working with your audience. With your data, you can optimize your campaign and your offers.

A great example is Amazon, can you imagine this revolutionary business without data? Data gives information and information gives power.


Inbound marketing is a whole strategy to increase traffic to your website and create conversions to get new customers. Content marketing is a part of that strategy, the first step is to identify the weak points of the brand and the analysis of the competition. Then create a person (with the information you have in point 2), create content that offers value to your audience and do it with a CTA (call to action) where you can redirect them to a landing page and you can continue with a sale . strategy.

Chipotle captured game fans, chipotle fans with a successful entry strategy on “Chipotle Taste Invaders” with a laser shot burrito, battling additives and educating the customer on burrito ingredients.


Remember that you need to captivate your audience with your campaign and it is not necessary to just explain the products and services. One of the best campaigns is Metro Trains with “Silly Ways to Die” with catchy music and cartoon characters that are in the top 10 on iTunes in 24 hours.


And this is a bit related to why influencer marketing is so successful now, the truth is that you will achieve the loyalty of your customers and retain them with honesty and transparency; If they trust you, you are a winner. Put yourself in a scenario where you are very hungry and there is a new restaurant that someone told you about, but you are not 100% sure how healthy it is, so you realized that they cook your food in front of you; that will make you feel confident about how the food is prepared, what kind of ingredients and if it is fresh. The same is true for your company, the more transparent your product or service is, the better your audience will accept it.

One company with many negative comments about its quality food is McDonald’s. To attack this, the company creates a transparent marketing campaign called “Our Food. Your Questions”, where McDonald’s answers all your concerns about your food.


This is my favorite part, seeing the importance of these channels. In the past, we would not think of Facebook as a form of communication to resolve queries or issues with a brand. Today you can bring Customer Service to an entire experience by making it as personal as if you were in the store, as long as you are saving time, energy and effort so that the customer has a satisfied customer or simply change their perception if they had any inconvenience. .

The best example is a charming response from Lego, who was able to respond with a “standard message”, but it was so personalized and unexpected that it went viral on all channels.

Check out your current campaign strategy, think about the information above, and try to implement it in your own business.