Stop your women’s compulsive shopping

I think my father is the smartest guy in the world. I’d say most daughters probably think that about their fathers, but I really only know a couple of girls these days who would say that about their father. Anyway, among other things, I base it on the fact that he has discovered how to cure women of shopping. Think of how many men he knows who always complain about how much the women in his life buy. I hear it ALL the time, that might have something to do with owning a trading post. They make jokes about how much they spend, how much time they waste, the crap they get, and so on. Well, my dad has solved this problem. He never complains about the shopping habits of any woman in his life (and there are many!), he doesn’t have to because he has cured them. And that’s how he hid…

#1 Go shopping with them!

If your wife or girlfriend says she wants to go to the mall to buy some things, DON’T say “Okay honey, I’m exhausted from work, so I’m going to relax and watch the game, have a good time.” NEVER DO THAT! Nope! Never! If you want to gain control, you have to push yourself no matter how tired you are and go shopping with her. You should. Do what you have to do to go along with her. Depending on your relationship you can use different excuses. It is always better to make them think that you are going only for their good that you are sacrificing yourself for them. Say you would miss her too much if she left without you. Tell her that you would go anywhere in her just to be with her. Let’s just say she’s a rough part of town and even though you know she can handle anything on her own, you’d be worried if she went by herself. But if you’ve been married for a while and she’s used to you not going with her, you may have to tell her things like, you have something you wanted to check on or you’ve been thinking lately that you haven’t been spending enough time with her. .

Important advice: never lie! She would feel like a lie even if she is not consciously aware that it is a lie, she will feel that you are not being truthful. It’s okay to exaggerate or mix fact and fiction, but never say something you don’t mean at all. If you’re having trouble feeling any of the excuses I mentioned, think of it this way, I’d really follow her anywhere to keep her from spending her entire paycheck, I’d really care (no matter what part of town) if she went alone . It is not known what she would redecorate the house with!

So now that you’re safely in the car with them, continue to step two.

#2 Ask them where they’d like to go, then mention a few places you’d like to go if there’s time.

It is very important to make sure that one of the places you have to go is to get or do something that is important to more people than just you! For example, get something to fix the house, supplies for a group outing, something for one of the children, a gift for your parents, anything, just let him know that you think of more people than yourself and that your travels shopping is not all for personal pleasure. Then, after establishing that you need to go somewhere for someone else, quickly follow up that blow with the knockout blow. ACT as if their purchases are more important to you than your own and go to their places first! No matter how much he protests, if he says yours will be faster or even if he says yours is more important; still, don’t do it. Insist on doing your shopping first. This accomplishes two things, she feels important to you and it gives her the responsibility of not taking too long. Now you’re starting to get inside her mind, but don’t let your guard down too soon, the battle isn’t won yet!

#3 Take her to more places than she wants to go.

This is probably the most important step and you have to persevere to the bitter end. If you’re looking for a specific item, go to the ends of the earth (or at least the end of town) to find the right one. Even if he finds something at the first stop that he likes, don’t let him buy it yet! Make him look elsewhere. Use whatever reason you have to get her to check out other stores. If she’s a girly girl, tell her you don’t know if this is good enough for her, that some other brand makes a better product. Or if she’s pretending to be (I say pretend because I don’t think any men really think women are) a bargain shopper, then tell her they might have it cheaper somewhere else. Anyway, drag her to a couple more stores before letting her buy the item, it’s even better if you have to go back to the first place to buy it.

If she’s just shopping for fun and not for a specific item, then same thing, go to the places she wants to go and then drag her to this place and that place with the excuse that you think she’ll like them. Take your time, point out all sorts of things in stores, be interested in what you’re looking at, offer valid opinions, and worry even if it’s about which brand of toilet paper you should buy. Whatever you do, DON’T RUSH IT!

Shop with her until she’s dead tired and then a while longer. When you first start implementing this program, you have to shop with it for so long that you can’t get to the places you want to go or barely get there before closing time. Show her that you are willing to sacrifice your desires to please her. The main reason you mentioned wanting to go to these places in the first place is just to have another place to drag her if she finishes shopping too soon. For this to work successfully, you need to deplete her; totally. Keep her standing as long as you can. Hopefully, for your sake, she’ll be wearing high heels. This is a great opportunity for you as she should wear out faster. If you wear high heels once at the beginning of the day, you need to walk fast and leave her behind. Then stop dead in your tracks and walk towards her apologizing back and forth for being so inconsiderate. Then the rest of the time be careful to keep up with her, towards the end of the day when she knows her feet are killing her she should walk away once more and then come back expressing so much concern for her feet and how tired she is . she must be. Kill her with care and kindness, but take her to one… place… more… I know you’re almost dead by now, too, but you mustn’t let her see it. Harness that inter-male endurance that sustained your ancestors in battle, scaled the highest peaks, explored new worlds, and led conquests against insurmountable odds. Be strong, resist and never give up! Persevere to the bitter end and you will be victorious. A few times of this and her reform will be complete. Going shopping will lose her appeal, in no time just saying a word to her will make her tire and frown. The best thing about this type of training is that it takes place on a subconscious level removing all the positive reinforcements that cause compulsive purchases and yet consciously she will love you more for all the effort you put into pleasing her! If you follow this guide closely, there is no way to lose, it is a win-win situation.

————————————————– ————————

My father has trained the women around him to such perfection that he can now let us go shopping alone most of the time without worrying that we’ll spend too much or come home with something crazy. He now only does a refresher course a couple of times a year. I got mine the other day.

We left early in the morning for an “appointment” at the chiropractor for his back, he has a lot of back pain, and to get me a new mattress. We were going to be back so I could go to work. Turns out he didn’t have an appointment in the morning but at 4:30 pm! So we went to four places to look for mattresses. I had lunch at a Mexican restaurant that I like. He hates Mexican food but he insisted on taking me and never complained except to say he could see why the Spanish were so eager to travel to new places to establish settlements 😉 We went to three places looking for furniture for my new room. Three places looking at clothes. Finally the chiropractor. Then, from their closing time, “we go around the meat market to get scraps for their dogs.” I now consider myself a tough cookie, after all I was raised that way! But now I just want to find a place to rest for a few hours without moving. Express your concern… “I’m so sorry you’re so tired”… “I kept you out too long”… “I just wanted to make sure we had the right things for your new room.” .etc…etc…etc.. Good. Well well. Can we go home now? Oh no! We still have to go shopping and we have to go to Walmart to pick up some things for the room. He can spend more time at Walmart than any living soul! There was another girl with us that day, she struggled to Walmart where she gave up and she went to the truck to take a nap. It’s dark by the time we leave. Home? No way! Since we are so tired, he wants to take us out for coffee and pastries before we go home!

So take it from a woman who now has a shopping phobia, if you follow this guide to the letter, although it can be difficult at times, the pain you suffer now will be worth it for years to come. From first-hand experience, I can solemnly promise you this.