Stomach Yeast Infection Symptoms: Solutions for Growling Stomach

This is another article on the symptoms of yeast infection in the stomach. Someone just started their diet on Monday and takes 2 caprylic acid pills after every meal and 1 dong quai after every meal. She has also been taking a multivitamin. She ate broccoli, sunflower seeds, cabbage, and a roast. He has also been drinking fresh garlic, lemon, and clove tea. On Tuesday he had fish (perch), some cauliflower (not much), some cabbage, and some eggs. After he ate the fish, around where his liver is, his belly started making noises that weren’t from hunger. You usually get them if you are going to have diarrhea.

However, she had no diarrhea, only 2 bowel movements were regular. Today he ate chicken and black olives and his belly did the same again after eating the chicken (boneless, skinless). About an hour after eating, he had a bowel movement. She assumes it is due to vegetables. Also, since last night, her symptoms have gotten 20% worse. She has never done this before so she doesn’t know if this is a death or not. She needs a quick explanation as the noises in her stomach are bothering her.

My answer is that cauliflower and cabbage will eliminate yeast, not to mention supplements. I noticed a thud when this yeast is breaking down. Produces gas. Sounds good to me. However, if you make noises every time you eat, then your digestion might be short of enzymes. Mine was doing that every day, not related to yeast, well indirectly, but when my doctor prescribed digestive enzymes for me, he stopped. He found that he was not digesting protein at the time. And I feel good in that sense.