SSV countertop repair

SSV countertops are known to develop cracks, bubbles, and separation problems. A homeowner might really think they just have to live with it or replace the entire kitchen full of countertops. After all, if you are going to replace the countertop that has the problem, you will naturally have to replace the other countertops that may be in the kitchen or it would have a big difference in color or patterns. From an aesthetic point of view, this would make your kitchen much less attractive than the display venue you intended it to be.

It is possible to repair the SSV countertop, but it does come with a few ties. It’s one thing to find a company that really does the job for you. Most countertop repair specialists will not touch SSV. Partly because they can’t get the supplies needed to do the repair, and partly because they don’t have the correct techniques to perform the repair. There are many similarities between doing a regular 1/2 “solid surface repair and doing an SSV repair, but the slight differences in repair techniques are where expertise and experience play a role.

Another issue that comes with SSV repair is the dye lot matching. In the ideal situation, the homeowner would have the sink cutout or stove cutout available to use for the repair. In this case, matching the dye lot would not be a problem. In a not-so-perfect scenario where your repair specialist has to perform the repair without your landlord providing you with dye-batch combination material, you can still do a good repair, but it may appear as a repair. In a dye batch match situation, you shouldn’t see your repair.

The last problem is this. While you can have it repaired, if you can find someone willing to do the work for you, no one will guarantee the work for a period of time. The reason for this is due to the highly publicized problems that are so common with SSV. In other words, it could do a beautiful repair for you, but you just couldn’t be sure that there wouldn’t be some kind of failure simply due to the material. That being said, I have done dozens of SSV repairs over the last 7-8 years and have only received one call for the same repair.

I have found that most SSV repair customers, once properly informed about what to realistically expect, are more likely to at least attempt a repair before deciding to wreck their kitchen and bank account with a full replacement of the kitchen counter. If the repair fails at some point or they develop another problem elsewhere on the countertop, they usually decide to either live with the problem or go ahead with the full replacement.