Spring Break at Daytona Beach

One of the most famous rituals in college is Spring Break. Thousands of college students head to the beach this season and most of them go to Daytona Beach for a week-long party. They come in buses or cars with only beach gear in their bags. They come for the beach and the company of their fellow students happy to be away from their colleges and universities. The organizers offer free concerts and games, and the setting is just so much fun. This has been a tradition that grows every year.

Famous celebrities adorn these activities to increase the excitement. Many of them release new albums at these concerts and parties, proving the acceptance of their main market: students.

Spring Break in Daytona

Spring break activities generally begin the second week of March and last approximately two weeks. The 23 miles of sandy beaches are perfect for Spring Break activities that include bonfire parties, concerts, surf contests, and many others.

Daytona Beach spring break has become famous around the world for its wild concerts, bikini-clad co-editors, and downright quirky booze parties. Students from other countries also come and join in the fun.

From the beach, these revelers head to clubs at night to party. Clubs take advantage of this opportunity to generate sales by also organizing exciting activities. Lately, however, there have been ordinances limiting some of the spring break activities. They haven’t spoiled the fun of the students continuing to go to Daytona Beach for the party, even if there are more rules than there used to be.


Students often register in groups at hotels, inns, and apartments. Some host their own parties at resorts and rental houses. Most of these establishments offer special discounts for students during this time. More bohemian-minded college students pitch tents or rent beachfront cabanas. Usually this occurs when the accommodation is fully booked. As a result, bonfire parties on the beach are spontaneously organized.