Sony Vs Samsung LED TV: Which One Is Better?

Choosing the best LED TV depends on many factors, such as budget and the special features of the TV. The smart LED product and smart HDTVs emerged from Sony vs. Samsung LED TV is fighting for supremacy in terms of LED screen. Both Sony and Samsung have developed incredible LED technology with smart functions to achieve better sales and customer satisfaction at the same time. Below is a comparison of Sony and Samsung LED LED TV features to relieve you of this Sony vs. The Samsung LED TV dilemma.

Sony’s LED TV:

Sony’s LED TV uses advanced image processing to display images with excellent brightness, authentic detail and the highest possible resolution. Sony has developed Triluminos display technology to create true, natural color tones and to display images with the widest color spectrum ever offered on television. This new Triluminos display technology creates more vivid images of seascapes and landscapes, better faces with natural skin color tones, and images with an enhanced sense of depth. Certain Sony LED models have built-in Wi-Fi to allow the viewer to stream videos and other multimedia content from a variety of digital content providers such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube. The built-in Wi-Fi also has the ability to wirelessly mirror the multimedia content of your Iphone or Android smartphone, allowing the viewer to watch the movies and TV shows on their smartphone on a wide TV screen. Sony has also developed Magnetic Fluid Speaker technology to faithfully reproduce high-fidelity sound using thinner and more efficient speakers.

The Samsung LED TV:

The latest Samsung LEDs are formed with an impressive screen size to turn a normal television experience into an extraordinary personal experience. Images are displayed in amazing detail. Mesmerizing sounds are reproduced through the use of invisible speakers. Furthermore, Samsung’s LED display comes with iconic and timeless designs. Samsung has developed four-detail enhancement technology to display high-resolution images and precision black backlight technology to make TV entertainment more enjoyable. The latest Samsung LEDs feature additional smart interaction features including built-in Wi-Fi, built-in camera, facial recognition, motion control, voice control, and Samsung TV apps.


A Sony LED TV costs more than a Samsung. Samsung’s LED TV can offer many more features than Sony, but these features may include features that are not really necessary for an exciting and exciting TV experience. Actually, the choice between Sony vs. Samsung LED TV will depend on your budget and the functions that you really need and will use to have the best television adventure with the whole family.