Signs that an Aries man likes you: when does an Aries hide the signs of attraction?

The signs that an Aries man likes you can often be quite obvious, but it really depends on his mood and the side of his personality that he has decided to share with you. Either it will be very direct and will tell you in no uncertain terms that he is attracted to you or it will be indirect and will simply increase the volume to get your attention more.

However, there are certain signs of attraction that the Aries man gives to almost every woman he finds attractive. As mentioned above, he can be very direct, so he’s likely to walk up to you and tell you how attractive you are and then demand that you date him. This is more likely to happen when your safe side has come out to play.

If he’s not feeling so brave, you’ll notice that he’s looking at you from across the room, following your every move with his gaze. Expect him to make some displays of his masculinity, like a peacock fluffing its feathers to attract a desirable mate.

Once he is sure that you are the girl for him, the Aries man is a devoted companion, although it may appear that he still has eyes for other women. It’s hard to get the bad boy out of the Aries, but you can be sure that part of that is just an act that he feels he needs to follow.

The Aries man will also start to spread the word about his new love to almost everyone he comes in contact with. You can be sure that he will be singing your praises to his friends and family as long as he stays on his good side and maintains the relationship.

Once he trusts you, you will start to show your more sensitive and emotional side, which can be quite surprising after your usual testosterone-driven demeanor. When he begins to share his feelings, you know that he has come to see you as a partner for life.