Shared office space: what is it?

In general terms, the term “shared office space” refers to a furnished and fully equipped office space that is ready for a quick installation for a business person who does not want to work at home or in a branch office. They are also called executive suites and business centers. The office will provide internet and telephone services, and mail services. When you use a rental location, you can provide a business person with a professional facility at a lower monthly rent than traditional office rentals.

Many times when such an office is rented, mail services, receptionist, business machines such as fax and copiers, and office furniture are included. There are even some that will offer services such as conference room accessibility and publishing or delivery services, in addition to other services. Leases are typically six to twelve months. Some may even offer a three-month rental agreement. Shared office space could also be when you lease a small space from a business or company that has more office space than you need. This is comparable to subletting and with this type of shared office, the company or individual could rent a group of offices within another company’s larger space or just a desk space. With this arrangement, you would share kitchen areas, conference rooms, and other facilities within the company or business.

Telecommuters can use an office type when they enter the office to get some work done. During the time they are there to work, the computer, desk and phone are theirs, but at other times these are all used by others in the office or company. This is a good situation for a free type of business. For example, when a healthcare professional from a different field shares space with another medical professional, one of the medical professionals will work that many days of the week and the other the other days. With this type of arrangement, the one who rents the shared office space for the days that the other medical professional is not working there, will not benefit from any services such as secretarial services. This type of shared office space can work for many different professional services.

Some of the advantages of shared office space can include quick occupancy, less need for support staff like secretaries, and all-inclusive monthly costs. These are the kind of arrangements that are especially attractive to start-ups and small business owners. With shared office space there are no big expenses for furniture and equipment.