Secret copywriting tactic used by popular TV shows makes people eager to buy from you

Do you want to write a text that people like to read and are eager to buy?

The kind of copy that draws people in from the first word and leaves them practically salivating about whatever it is you’re selling when they get to the end?

So all you have to do is put aside the hype and “hype” and just write your copy like you’re talking in real life, every day, jargon and all.

Why does this work so well?

Well, there are probably many reasons. But the main reason is probably because people love to talk and communicate with real people. People with real personalities (warts and all), real problems like theirs, and real flaws.

I mean, think about it.

What are the most popular TV shows?


Reality show.

Shows like “Survivor” get huge ratings. Because it’s about real people doing real things in real situations (for the most part).

And that people love.

They like to know how other people deal with problems (like any problem your product solves) and how they get through life.

And on top of that, no one likes fake and scripted sales pitches. And nobody likes a fake-sounding ad, either.

So be yourself. Be human. Show some personality and that you are not someone who thinks you are better than them.

Do these simple things on your copy and your response will skyrocket.

It always happens for copywriters who understand this. And it will also happen to you when you try it.