Rebel Gold Farming Guide: 4 Rebel Gold Farming Tips For World of Warcraft

If you’re a rogue looking to farm more gold in WoW, you’re in luck because you’re one of the best classes to farm for gold. Your ability to pick locks will come in handy. And being able to be stealthy means you have a bit of an advantage when it comes to killing mobs or pickpockets. Still, everyone can use a few tips, so here is my Rogue Gold Farming Quick Guide for you to continue. Most of these tips are best suited to characters between levels 50-70.

1. Level a lock of affliction

If you really want to make much more gold easily, then you should use one or more Alts. If you level up an Affliction Warlock and have him farm gold, in some situations it will be a bit quicker than having your rogue farm it for you. He would also install another Alt to be around town near the Auction House. Both your Roque and Affliction Lock can send you the items you want to sell at the Auction House.

2. Chests in Mana Tombs

If you haven’t nerfed it yet, one of the best places to farm is in the mana graves if you are specified as Combat Rogue. Chests respawn five times every hour and there are two chests and two veins each time it resets. Also be sure to pickpocket on the go. Every little money helps.

3. More places with excellent drop rates

Now, it’s hard to predict where the best gold decline rates are, but there are some places that are generally worth it because the falling items are worth a lot. Here is a summary of the places that I like.

In Shadowmoon Valley, check out Sunfury, Legion Hold, and the Ruins of Karabor (Blood Elves area). The latter is very easy to grow, but it is quite well known, so it can be a bit overexploited. But since you’re already close to the Sunfury area, you might as well give it a try.

In Nagrand, Elemental Plateau is easy and awesome if you have an epic flying mount to get there. Otherwise, you will be out of luck.

On the outskirts of the town of Shattrath, near Cenarion Thicket, you can grow feathers to sell at the auction house. The drop rate is about 50%, so in an hour there should be easy pickups.

4. Run Instances for Gold

If you want to buy some veggies and fabrics to sell, running a few easy instances is quick work. Both Deadmines and Stockades can help you stock up on vegetables and fabrics (wool). It will also be convenient to leave what you find at the Auction House and return for another race.

These tips from Rogue on growing gold should keep you going for a while. And don’t forget to steal every humanoid you come across. Many will leave safes for you to choose from and you can sell whatever (mostly herbs) you find in the safes and level your lock picking skill at the same time.