Positions for sex: the 3 best ever!

Reading the Kama Sutra or the Perfumed Garden and learning the positions described in them will give you numerous sexual positions to give you and your partner immense satisfaction in your sexual life.

The top 3 best sex positions are culled from the two previous works, and also from Casanova’s life.

There seems to be, in our ancient past, extensive knowledge of a lady’s erogenous zones, including but not limited to the clitoris, G-spot and T-zone…everything to do with pagan sexual rights and knowledge, as well as the sacred scriptures of India and China.

In fact, early treatises like Tantra have classified the sexual act in much more detail than could be imagined today.

There are three powerful positions that stand out in the human experience as very special and, in fact, are the top 3 sex positions ever. They are the Crab (modified doggy style), Dok-al-Arz (translated from Arabic as ‘hit the spot’, a sitting position), and the Horse position (a modified missionary position).

The crab:

This is NOT doggy style, as in that pose: the woman has her head parallel to the floor (or the bed). She is on all fours, but with her head down, touching the bed, and with her arms outstretched in front of her for balance and support.

The man enters from the back and begins to thrust slowly and rhythmically. In this position you get some clitoral stimulation, but a lot of G-spot stimulation if you target this area. You will also have the thrill of pure sex.

You have deep penetration and your hands are free to explore your partner’s body. You can also lift your partner’s head until it’s parallel to the bed, or even higher, adjusting your thrusts all the time.


This is the most famous position mentioned in the classic Arabic work on sex (early 15th century), called the Perfume Garden.

This is recommended if you want the woman to love you later. It is quite simple to achieve. The man will sit on the edge of the bed, with his legs firmly on the floor.

The woman will mount him, face to face, inserting his penis while riding. She will then wrap her legs around the man’s waste.

There is no thrust in this position, just a circular motion, like in a belly dance. The woman is in control and there is maximum stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot, including the T-zone at the back of the uterus. When the orgasm comes, it is deep and lasting.


This is a favorite mention in the Tao of Sex works, and it gives the man maximum time for this erection, and the woman has deep penetration and super G-spot stimulation, as well as a full T-zone.

The woman is placed on her back on a bed or high table. The man should be standing and able to deliver a full pelvic motion.

The woman’s legs are spread apart and raised at the knee to her chest, exposing her genital area.

Then the man penetrates the woman and starts thrusting. The thrust should follow four short thrusts followed by one or two full, deep thrusts. The movement should be slow and rhythmic and not forced.

Sooner than you would expect, due to all the stimulation, the woman will reach a spectacular orgasm.

Naturally, there are almost endless variations of these, but throughout the centuries, there are the 3 best positions in history.