Persistence brings rewards

I must admit that I love watching Christmas movies this time of year. There are often deep and meaningful inspirational messages woven into the plot. Here’s a line that really moved me recently. “Sometimes it’s the hardest roads that lead to the best places.” This is what the angel from the cheesy Hallmark movie said to a desperate mother of three, who decided to get a divorce while she was on Christmas vacation with her family. The angel was encouraging the mother not to lose hope and leave the marriage before the wonder of a loving relationship could occur.

Of course, like all Hallmark movies, there was a happy ending, but before that happened there was a time of confusion and misery. Her husband, with the help of another angel, had a spiritual awakening and realized how selfish he had become from working all the time, and the wife learned to ask with love for what she needed and appreciate the husband. her in a new way. The children became hopeful again, and the family left their snowy vacation cabin in the woods to return home and start anew as a loving family that could show their love for each other. How often in our own lives do we consider giving up on a dream, goal, or skill when success may be just around the corner and we simply need to get through the tough times to get there?

I know from personal experience that persistence in the face of difficulties can be frustrating and deciding to quit can seem like a tempting solution. Yet on the other hand, the ability to stay the course and not give up can bring some wonderful surprises. Consider the benefits of being able to deal with limitation, conflict, and loss as a way to deepen your connection to your infinite self. When life doesn’t give us exactly what we want when we want it, we are pushed to grow up and accept the circumstances and find peace in the midst of the storm. I remember when I was in my twenties and I lost two babies during pregnancy, one at almost 6 months and one at 4 months. I thought I could never have a baby and I wanted to be a mom more than anything. That period of doubt, darkness, and loss of faith in life pushed me to redirect my energy to find acceptance of a plan greater than my own. After a while, although I was a little scared, I got pregnant again and my baby was born full term and was born at home surrounded by love. She was beautiful and healthy and I was relieved and happy. If I had given up, I would never have known the joy of parenthood.

We may not understand why situations don’t play out the way we planned and we may be struggling with difficult times right now, but on a soul level, I believe that each of us has a destiny to fulfill which may include difficult paths that lead us to the best places in life. And maybe like in the Hallmark movie, the universe will send us angels to help us on our journey. As I recently heard from a friend: “Don’t give up five minutes before the miracle.”