Paper Wings clothing: the latest trend in children’s fashion

All children are unique and need children’s clothing that suits their personality. If you are looking for the best clothes for your children, enter the world of Paper Wings clothing. The Australian brand combines past, present and future ideals for creative and trendy children’s fashion design. Paper Wings clothing is influenced by eclectic fashion, traditional craftsmanship, old school design and vintage patterns, new fashion trends, and contemporary style. From bold patterns and colors, artistic stripes and prints, they create beautiful outfits for babies and boys, for girls and boys.

Jason Gibaud and Michelle Fallon are the lead designers and owners of this unique brand of designer children’s clothing. They find inspiration in their own children: Vevette, Esther and Kitty. When designing Paper Wings clothing and Little Wings fashion for kids, they decided to focus on what their kids would want to wear. That is why this brand is practical, comfortable and fun! This boutique kids clothing line celebrates the freedom to be kids, dress like kids, and feel like kids.

The essence of Paper Wings clothing comes from Jason and Michelle’s experience and success in costume design, film production, and architecture / interior design. Jason and Michelle have professional experience designing costumes for Moulin Rouge, Star Wars, and Peter Pan. As a result, Paper Wings offers beautiful, casual children’s clothing that looks like a work of art. Jason and Michelle develop all their ideas for children’s clothing in their design studio in northern New South Wales, Australia.

Each piece of stylish children’s clothing is designed to be worn every day, over and over again. The clothing is durable and popular with children and their parents. All Paper Wings sets are individually made and hand finished down to the last detail. Many cute outfits for girls feature adorable little touches like drawstrings, puffed sleeves, bustles, ruffles, and bright, quirky prints. This popular boutique children’s clothing brand is committed to creating premium clothing products with durable natural fibers such as 100% organic cotton.

In 2014, this boutique clothing brand partnered with graphic artist Katie Daisy to present a collection of designs featuring shabby chic illustrations. Katie Daisy works primarily in watercolor and acrylic paint and mixed media. She finds her inspiration in simple and sweet country pleasures. Katie grew up in rural Lindenwood, Illinois, which is a true inspiration for her passion-filled free life and a beautiful portfolio of her artwork. Katie Daisy became famous for her illustrations, inspirational quotes, and artwork for sale on Etsy. The Paper Wings and Katie Daisy clothing represent freedom and joy. That is why the association was an excellent choice for children’s clothing. The illustrations give a unique look to an already stylish children’s clothing and dress brand.

Be sure to check out Paper Wings Clothing on your next online children’s clothing shopping trip. You’ll find stylish outfits for children up to 14 years (girls and boys), as well as cute baby clothes with sizes starting at newborn. This collection of designer clothes for kids offers t-shirts, dresses, leggings and skirts with simple designs and adorable motifs such as mermaids, fish, cats and horses. And guess what … there are swimsuits too! Paper Wings clothing has beautiful kids boutique clothing to suit any occasion and everyday wear. You will love it forever!