Occupy this or occupy that, why don’t you?

Many people of the younger generation thought that the occupation protesters were pretty cool and unique, but they really weren’t anything new, and it’s just a slightly different place on an older topic. In the past, unions were often excluded from companies when they deliberately started to slow down or threatened to go on strike.

The companies did not want them to sabotage equipment or slow down the production flow. In the past, the unions were quite hostile, combative, and occasionally riots broke out. To counter this, the companies mobilized to block them, the unions refused to leave the company, so they basically took over and occupied the premises.

The word “occupy” also speaks of the scenario of an invading army entering and controlling the territory. In fact, almost every way the “occupation movement” is visualized is anything but peaceful, even if those who are persuaded to participate think it is peaceful in nature or think its cause is justified. There are some real implications to all of this behind the scenes, and the occupying participants are breaking the law through civil disobedience, whether they understand the underlying realities of the organizers or not.

An interesting article recently appeared in the Redlands California Daily Facts titled; “Still Occupying: Looking Back on a Year of Pepper Spray, Parks, Even Some Petitions,” posted by Phill Courtney on October 14, 2012, which noted that the occupying protesters were busy planning their next engagement. I hope it is one in a gated community, that is, the city jail, but I digress. The article said;

“A year later, the criticisms are decidedly mixed. Some say that the Occupy movement failed because there has been no fundamental, not even perceptible, change in the way our country works because they didn’t have a plan, while others argue that Occupy it was successful and is still successful because it gave a voice to those who all too often have no voice. But perhaps the truth, as if it does so often, is somewhere in the middle. “

What about all these occupation protesters, they didn’t know that humans are already occupying the entire planet? If you want to do something really worthy, go occupy the moon or Mars and then tweet us all and let us know how it is working for you.

Many of the movements, protests, and even riots that erupt later have had underlining themes that many people do not understand. On “May Day,” which is actually a communist holiday, we had illegal aliens marching through the streets of some of our largest cities. Many of today’s protests may also have socialist overtones, or very similar to what is happening from labor parties in other nations.

If you get involved in an occupation protest, you need to understand the statement you are making by joining the crowd. It may be one that is against everything that you, your family, and all of your ancestors have stood for. You may be fulfilling someone else’s will, and the original organizers of such protests may actually have it for America. If you get involved, which you have the right to do as long as you don’t break the law, you may be helping our enemies who wish to defeat us.

That would not be good because we need a strong America to uphold the principles and ideals of liberty and liberty throughout the world. Be careful what you want and what you occupy, is all I am trying to say here. Consider all of this and think about it.