Ninja gaiden 2

Video games are now subjected to new standards due to the recent releases of new consoles, making it even more difficult for the sequels to be crowned as a premium title. This would be the case with the recently released Ninja Gaiden 2 for X-Box 360! As a fan of the 360, one would anticipate the arrival of this game by seeing how its predecessor is hailed as one of the best action games of its time. Now Ninja Gaiden 2 is not making its way into a new way of designing action games, but it does a great job being a sequel, and by that last sentence is meant that it meets all the requirements of the previous game and includes some new aspects. for new and old players to enter the title and series.

Let’s start with the things that Ninja Gaiden 2 does correctly. With the return of popular weapons like Dragon Sword, Vigoorian Flails, Windmill Shuriken, and Lunar Staff, the game rewards those who have played the first game by giving them a weapon they are comfortable with and allowing new players to have a similar insight. the previous title. The game does not stop there, it has given players a handful of new weapons that offer more than original and creative ways to fight against the hordes of enemies that you will find in this adventure. The battle system is apparently flawless with minor issues in the fight sequences. For example, the bases of your combos are a light and fast attack and a harder and slower attack. Regardless of the sequence of attacks you throw at certain enemies, larger enemies will simply outmaneuver and ignore them. This is not a major problem, but it can sometimes be quite cumulative after happening a couple of times in a row.

Another thing this title does is that it rewards the player for learning combos and performing more difficult maneuvers like the izuna drop that will instantly kill an enemy. The button combinations are simple enough to remember, but complex enough that a beginner can’t just pick the controller and master these techniques, giving the player a great sense of accomplishment when finishing one of these moves. In addition to the action-packed battle system, the boss fights are fantastic. Team Ninja does a great job of making the monumental boss fight. Whether it is achieved by making the bosses enormously huge or by giving them hands with lightning, they certainly establish that there is always little or no chance that you will get out of these fights alive, making the player feel great after beating any boss. The latest and greatest edition of the game is the new annihilation system that has been added. This system allows the player to take down enemies after cutting off an enemy limb in a theatrical and quite tasty sequence.

We will be fine, now that we have pointed out the good of the game, we must bring you the bad. Now this charming hack and slash title has some obstacles on its way to greatness. The first and probably the most important is history. While the story isn’t horrible, it keeps this game from being a triple “A” title that shouldn’t be forgotten. Titles like these generally don’t have or need a huge story, but the Ninja Gaiden 2 story doesn’t connect the player to any of the game’s characters except Ryu. This plot makes sense, but it spans from fighting human ninjas in present-day Japan to fighting an ancient elder demon atop the Statue of Liberty and continues to drop our ninja friend across vast parts of the earth and some parts that may not be on the ground. leaving the player wondering how the hell this ninja got to this destination.

Aside from the bizarre and unconvincing storyline, the music is dull and faintly in the background of the vibrant action taking place on screen and hardly makes the gamer feel enraged and ready to kick some ass. The last thing about the game that is a bit frustrating is the fact that it rarely rewards you outside of X-Box’s live achievements (which do practically nothing), the game offers no weapons, items, or special items. combo for your extracurricular exploration except for the unprofitable crystal skulls that do absolutely nothing.


These few flaws are not enough to stop the addictive fun of slicing ninja limbs to pieces and destroying beasts and machines with the simple commands of your buttons. Any fan of the game should choose this title. This title lives up to the expectations of its predecessors, but goes no further, a daunting task for any game, with all the facts considered this Ninja Gaiden 2 game an illustrious …