New York Flower District

New York City flower districts have a large concentration of wholesale and retail florists in New York City. The district is a small stretch of streets 26 to 29 along and next to Sixth Avenue. It is considered a virtual oasis of beauty in the middle of Manhattan. Any type of plant and flower selection can be found or ordered through vendors here in the New York Flower District.

New York’s flower districts have declined considerably over the years. New Yorkers used to buy flowers for all the holidays, especially Easter. Millions of flowers and some of the rare species are sold annually at the wholesale flower market in the vicinity of Sixth and Seventh avenues from 23rd to 26th streets.

One of New York’s flower districts is the Garden District. Teleflora provides you with information on local florists in your city. It also ensures the quality and freshness of the flower arrangements. These arrangements are made by a New York professional, giving your floral gift the attention it deserves.

The Capital District flowers are considered one of the top events in New York’s flower districts. The Annual Exhibition of Flowers and Gardens of the Capital District is one of the most important events. It benefits the Wildwood program. The participation of different vendors, attractive garden displays, workshops and demonstrations are some of the highlights of this event.

Chelsea Garden Center is a popular flower district, with an indoor and outdoor market. It has one of the best selections of plants and flowers available. Sometimes you don’t even need to shop to rush out of town shopping. Walking down 28th Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues, you can see piles of roses crowded onto the sidewalks along the orchid banks. It is considered the heart of the wholesale flower district.