My Wife Won’t Initiate Sex: The Awful Truth You May Not Want To Know About Your Wife And Sex

Are you in a marriage where your wife doesn’t initiate sex, but you really want her to?

Well, you’re not alone in this at all…it happened in my marriage, and in many (if not most) other men’s marriages as well.

But it doesn’t have to mean conflict in a marriage, the end of a marriage, or even the end of good sex in a marriage if you do it right…

Why doesn’t a wife initiate sex…

Before solving a problem, we first have to understand that problem. When it comes to the problem of a wife not initiating sex, there are many things you need to know to realize that your marriage is not necessarily in trouble. But it also doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of trouble. I’ll explain more about that in a minute.

But first let’s clear up a few things. Your wife isn’t initiating sex because…well…she’s not like you. She is wired differently from you. Just because he’s RTG (ready to go) as soon as he wakes up until he goes to bed doesn’t mean his wife will be. We guys get horny over every little thing every few seconds. It’s just the way we’re connected. We are externally motivated for sex, so our brain drives our sex drive out of many picture situations… and pictures are everywhere.

However, your wife is not like that. She doesn’t look at a banana and get turned on in the same way that we can look at erect nipples on a mannequin and be RTG, or other simple things that make us almost Neanderthal. His wife is turned on by the emotional circumstances. Intimacy, erotic stories, happiness, security… these are all the things that turn your wife on… and ironically they are the things that bore us to death.

So unfortunately for all the men in the world who get upset because our wives don’t act like the women in porn and are RTG in the blink of an eye, or discovering a penis… we have to get over it. and learn to play the game.

We have to realize that if our wives are feeling things emotionally, then they’re not going to initiate sex with you because, frankly, they’re not going to be in the mood for it. In fact, the most we can hope for as husbands is for our wives to be ready when we start, and take those single-digit times they start as a bonus.

You see, a lot of men will get mad at their wives, take it personally, and constantly nag their wives not to initiate sex, but it won’t do anything to make the woman want more sex, let alone initiate it.

So this is where the problem lies. If your wife doesn’t initiate sex… or even more so she doesn’t want to have sex when you initiate it, this could it means that she has some hidden negative thoughts (from you) about you and your marriage. Which means that her lack of sex and her wife’s lack of interest in her sex could be indications that her marriage is more troubled than she realizes. It could also mean that she would be much more willing and open to an affair with someone who would actually make her feel more positive thoughts.

So if your wife doesn’t initiate sex, it could mean that you are doing the wrong thing. It could also mean that this is becoming a deep-seated problem in her marriage.