Must try coffee shops and tea shops in NYC

New York City has the most delicious and addicting coffee shops in the world with strong flavors and is home to the best tea centers. You will never find any corner of New York without a coffee or tea bar! With each new day, more and more coffee and tea houses keep popping up that it is too difficult to determine which place to visit and which to avoid.

If you talk about Coffee and do not mention Espresso, you have made a great insult! 9th Street Espresso and Abraco are always in close competition over which is the best coffee shop in New York City. Abraco offers a very strong coffee with classic and truly amazing pastries from the city.

La Colombe Torrefaction, located on Lafayette Street in SoHo, offers the best iced coffee in New York City, made more surprising by adding a shot of espresso!

Ground Support, located in the western part of SoHo; It’s another downtown NYC cafe that’s just great. As well as serving addictive and tempting coffee, the place has a great atmosphere and serves sensational food. Another cafe in New York that offers delicious food in addition to serving heady coffee is Café Pedlar. The best part about Café Pedlar is that it gives you a great space and environment to sip your coffee, relax, and do some mental work in peace!

Another great place for coffee in New York is Stumptown Coffee, located in the lobby of the Ace Hotel. This place has high quality and flavor, so much so that if it’s not the perfect match, they won’t serve you unless it is! Gimme is a coffee dream place with the most delicious cups served in a warm and loving way! One of the most elegant and elegant coffee shops in New York is TriBeCa, which offers irresistible coffee.

Speaking of some of the teahouses in New York, we come across many names. However, only the most fantastic are mentioned here. Cha-An- located at 230 E 9th Street, East Village is a beautiful and cozy tea room. Although the tea served is a bit pricey, the taste is worth the price. Plus, you can also eat amazing food at this New York tea nook! Other fantastic New York tea spots include McNulty’s Tea & Coffee[ a must try for tea lovers], Southside Coffee, South 4th Bar and Café, V-bar, Wild Lily Tea Room, Palm Court and Anglers & Writers.