Must have barbecue accessories

There are so many items on the market today that they “claim” you must have them for your barbecue. There are actually some essential barbecue accessories that you must have for your next cookout.

Grill grates-These form the cooking surface of your food. The rods on the racks are spaced so that the food cooks with the flames but does not touch the ashes. They can be made of cast iron, porcelain, steel or stainless steel. Just make sure the grill grate has strong, sturdy rods that will last for years. With grill racks, it is important that you clean and grease them so that the food does not stick to the rack and is evenly scored.

Grill Slippers-This is an important barbecue accessory if you want to cook food that could fall between the rods of your grill grates. The baskets come with food storage lids inside so you can cook smaller foods more easily. They have long handles so you can flip the basket over and lift it easily. There are specially designed roasting baskets for fish, meatballs, corn, vegetables, and more.

Flip-flops for grilling-These are not the same as kitchen tongs because they have longer handles so you can turn the food without getting too close to the grill. If the tongs have a little spring, it makes it easier to grip the food. The best grilling tongs are heavy-duty stainless steel because they are durable and strong. Do not put fork tongs on the edges as they can cut into the meat. Make sure you have at least two pairs of thongs. You need one for cooked meat and one for raw meat.

Meat thermometer-This is another essential barbecue accessory. Some may prefer to judge whether food is cooked to the proper temperature, but using a meat thermometer will ensure that the inside of the meat is at the proper temperature and is not undercooked. Undercooked foods can cause various foodborne illnesses, which you don’t want your guests to contract. For better accuracy, get a digital one.

Other barbecue accessories you should have include spatulas or tumblers to flip burgers, a spray brush to flavor your food with marinades or sauces during the last few minutes of grilling, and regular or paper towels to wipe them off. hands. to place your grilling tools and more. You should also have a grill brush to clean the grates; especially if you have porcelain coated grill grates because the grill scrapers will cause this coating to peel off. If you like kebabs make sure you have some skewers.