Moving to a big city after graduating from college

Moving to New York after graduation

While awaiting graduation, many college students completing their studies at universities in more rural areas are slowly coming to terms with the fact that staying in rural Virginia, Michigan, or Pennsylvania will not offer them the kinds of benefits. jobs and career opportunities. they want to follow.

Therefore, as a student, up to a year before graduation, it is essential that you choose a few major metropolitan areas and start narrowing down the list.

Choosing your first job can be quite difficult. However, deciding where to move can be just as confusing. I was not born or raised, but I have lived on the Upper East Side for some time now and I go to my office every day in Herald Square and love New York City. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliving anywhere other than possibly London doesn’t thrill me in the least.

Therefore, as a fan of the city and a long-time resident, I would recommend anyone to come here for their first job. Everything you need, from a good social life to a career in a company, large or small, is on this island.

– Preparing to move to New York City

I vividly remember a drive from New Jersey entering the Lincoln Tunnel with my dad in his early 20s. When we started to glimpse the horizon, the buildings looked huge and I wondered who really works on top of those buildings.

What is the makeup of a successful New Yorker? Simply put, it’s the same as anywhere else. They are those who consistently do hard, smart and disciplined work.

After the choice is made

Once you make the decision to move to the city, make a commitment. You don’t quit and guess your decision; however, it is natural. By owning a staffing agency and viewing jobs in the other US cities, you have my word that you are in the right place.

Surround yourself with the right people

It’s not always good to live with the same people you went to college with. In the long run, these people may not turn out to be the best influences.

Pub nights out means you’re hanging out with the wrong people. Make sure the people you spend time with are honest, hard-working, and organized.

Regardless of the circumstances, always strive to be around tougher and more motivated people than you. Your positive energy will rub off. Combine that energy with the fast-paced lifestyle New Yorkers get used to and you’re on your way.

Your apartment

When it comes to your apartment, don’t let negotiating a lease scare you. I have negotiated both commercial and residential.

As you begin your search, I suggest you call about 7 brokers and when asked what you are looking for say, “An honest broker who is not going to waste my time or test my intelligence.”

Be polite and respectful to the brokers and all other parties involved and you should stay close to market prices.

– Can real estate leases be negotiated in New York?

Not really. That is, unless you have enough time to waste to wait in an apartment that can easily be grabbed tomorrow for an additional $ 75 monthly discount. Learning to negotiate on a subject that you are unfamiliar with from professional real estate negotiating experts is a waste. of time. You look bad too. I had to make it for both residential and commercial use. Also, I have near-expert level negotiation skills and I still find the opportunity cost of going back and forth for $ 100 is inordinately high and the process is mentally draining. I personally hate it and recommend that you take the advice that negotiating a lower level residential rental is not worth it.

– What is it like to interview and work in New York City?

It is like anywhere else. Sit there, answer a few questions, ask a few questions, and smile. You are going to win something and you are going to lose something. People are people and we all have fears, desires, insecurities, etc. This is where you live in New York or Beijing. When you take a closer look at the situation, there is no reason to feel intimidated. The person interviewing you works for a company that has office space and often uses the success of the company they are with to make them feel important. It’s like saying “Our college football team.” Association makes you look good, or you think it does. Also, if the relatively huge buildings intimidate you, don’t be discouraged. You get used to them.

– Is everything as expensive as they say?

Yes. At first, you won’t dine at the fanciest restaurants, and you won’t have an apartment on Madison Avenue with four porters and a maid. Yes. New York City is expensive if you are irresponsible, you don’t work hard at your job, and therefore you don’t move forward. You only have one life and you don’t move here with two kids when you’re married. Even if you fail miserably, there is no real loss.